Five Requirements For Futureproof EV Charging

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In order to futureproof the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs), there are five key requirements that must be met. These requirements are vital to ensure that the charging ecosystem is not only sustainable but also capable of adapting to the rapidly evolving EV landscape.

1. Scalability

The first requirement for future-proof EV charging is scalability. The infrastructure must be able to adapt to the growing demand for EVs as car manufacturers ramp up production. Charging stations must be located in areas that are easily accessible and able to accommodate multiple vehicles at once.

modular charging station

Graesn DC fast chargers are modular in design, and charging output power can extended to 420kW.

2. No Subscription Fee or Membership Sign Up

Drivers are often frustrated by installing various apps while charging. What is more, some EV charger apps require you to create a new account or purchase a paid membership plan, so that you can start the charging session.

Grasen EV chargers with a POS terminal enable easy charging experiences with three easy steps: Scan, Pay, and Charge. Drivers just need access to a smartphone and an available charge port. After scanning a displayed QR code and choosing a payment method (more on that later), the charging session begins. No membership sign-ups, app downloads, or required subscription fees.

3. Session Information

Accurate session information helps drivers understand charging speed with the display of standardized power information. Once a vehicle has been plugged in, customers want to know how long they need to wait before returning. 



By linking to the charging session, customers can receive real-time updates from the Grasen App regarding their session. They can set charging schedules and track charging records at any time.

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4. Interoperability

Interoperability is another crucial factor for future-proof EV charging. Charging systems must be able to communicate with each other and with the grid to ensure that there is an integrated and efficient infrastructure. This will require the development of smart charging systems that can integrate with energy management systems and support the grid in balancing supply and demand.

peak shaving in ev charging

5. Sustainability

Sustainability is a key requirement for future-proof EV charging. The infrastructure must be powered by renewable energy sources to ensure that the charging ecosystem is environmentally sustainable. This will require the development of green energy solutions such as solar panels and wind turbines that can be integrated into charging stations.

In conclusion, futureproofing the EV charging infrastructure must be a collaborative effort between industry stakeholders, regulators, and policymakers. By meeting these five requirements for future-proof EV charging, we can ensure that the charging ecosystem is sustainable, efficient, and capable of meeting the growing demand for electric vehicles.

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