AC EV Chargers

EV AC charger, which is fixedly installed outside the electric vehicle and connected to the AC power grid, is a power supply device that provides AC power to the on-board charger of the electric vehicle (i.e. the charger fixedly installed on the electric vehicle). The AC charging pile only provides power output, no charging function, and needs to be connected to the vehicle charger to charge the EV. It is equivalent to the role of a control power supply. The AC charging post is a 7-wire plug.

The power of AC charging post is generally smaller (such as 3.5kW, 7kW, 15kW, etc.), and the charging speed is slower, suitable for household and public use, usually installed in public parking lots, community parking spaces, etc. After an electric car is fully discharged, it usually takes about 8 hours to be fully charged by an AC charging post.

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What is AC charger?

AC charging pile has simple structure, small pile, input side only needs access from the grid, output is also AC, lower cost and more convenient to install. It is suitable for installation in the community and unit parking lot for its own use.

AC Charger Features:

(1)The man-machine interface adopts a large LCD color touch screen, charging can be selected from four modes: fixed power, fixed time, fixed amount and automatic (until full); current charging mode, time (charged time, remaining charging time), power (charged power, power to be charged) and current billing information are displayed.

(2)Support various payment methods such as card and code.

(3) Meet the latest national standards such as GB/T 20234.1-2015, GB/T 20234.2-2015, GB/T 18487.1-2015, etc.

(4)Touch color screen display, friendly human-machine interface, easy to operate and maintain.

(5)Rich communication interface, compatible with all vehicle BMS protocols and charging background protocols.

(6)Perfect protection function: over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection, leakage protection, etc.

EV AC charger Advantages:

1.Strict Control Pilot

Charging pile could fit well with all European/Japanese/National standard EVs with its perfect compatibility. Precise control of power supply and cut off to avoid safety incident.
2.Robust Protection
The charging pile has been equipped with robust protection functions of overload, surge, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, earthing, overheat, lightening, emergency stop, etc to avoid damages by accident caused by abnormal weather or grid.
3. Appearance with Perfect Sealing
Appearance design adopts zinc-plated board + multi-layer spraying process to achieve excellent sealing, which can resist the rainstorm effectively. The multi-layer spraying technology could prevent rust from causing damage to the product. Anti-ultraviolet treatment adopted in the coating process aims to restrain the cabinet from aging, which has ensured longer life cycle of the product.

How to operate EV AC charger?

A. How to start charging

1. Make sure the charger is well connected with the power.

2. Use EV charging cable to connect the charger with the EV.

3. Press the button on the charger to start


B. How to stop charging

1. The charger will stop automatically when the charging is finished.

2. Disconnect the EV cable from the the EV .

3. You can stop charging by pressing the button in case of an emergency.

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