Best EV Charging solutions
  • DC Fast Chargers

    DC Fast Chargers, also known as Level 3 chargers,Whether you have a fleet of cars or trucks that constantly need to be refueled or whether you have customers who would benefit from a fast EV charging station, a DC Fast Charger is the answer.

  • AC EV Chargers

    AC EV Charger is the ideal fit for property owners, businesses and municipalities interested in an EV charging solution for employees, customers, and residents. It provides a complete set of capabilities station owners need to manage every aspect of the EV driving experience.

  • Mobile EV Chargers

    Mobile EV Chargers are battery-powered, providing powerful charging without the need for complex infrastructure. EV drivers can charge up anywhere, away from home or charging stations.

  • EV Charger Module

    EV Charger Module is the inner power module for DC fast charger, and convert AC energy into DC in order to charge electric vehicles. The EV charger module takes a 3-phase current input and with an adjustable DC output to meet a variety of battery pack requirements.

  • EV On-board Chargers

    Grasen efficient OBC (EV On-board Charger) designs provide fast, smart charging capability and packaging flexibility with proven designs to help manufacturers reduce time, cost and risk.

  • DC-DC Converters

    DC-DC converters convert HV to 48V, HV to 12V, and 48V to 12V in the various configurations of electric vehicles. The key design requirements for DC-DC converters are low losses, high efficiency, low volume and light weight. There are many architectures requiring different kinds of semiconductor devices

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    Grasen provides high efficiency EV charging stations, designed to provide an optimal charging experience to every EV driver, any time. The company has successfully provided easy, intelligent, and insightful electric vehicle charing solutions for both EV charging point business owners and EV manufacturers.

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