5 Tips for Parking Operators to Increase Revenue with EV Charging

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The global market for electric vehicles is set to see exponential growth in the coming years, according to the 2023 Bloomberg NEF Long-Term Electric Vehicle Outlook report. The report states that passenger EV sales will rise from 10.5 million in 2022 to 27 million in 2026. As a result, parking lot operators can expect to see more EVs arriving on their lots and should prepare for the shift toward sustainability in the automotive industry.

By offering an all-inclusive parking experience that includes EV charging, parking operators can stay competitive. It's also a way to generate a new revenue stream by attracting the growing number of EV drivers to your parking facility who are visiting shops, restaurants and offices nearby.  Here are 5 tips for parking operators to increase revenue with EV charging:

1. Transform parking spots into multi-use parking and fueling space

Keep costs down by increasing efficiency through integrated technologies that allow you to seamlessly add EV charging to your mix of parking services. 

Besides, offering charging may even help increase the length of time some drivers stay parked in your facility, which gives you a revenue boost including parking fees, and surrounding supporting facilities income.

AC and dc ev charging solution

2. Make your parking facility easy to find

Electric vehicle (EV) drivers are increasingly relying on EV charging apps and in-dash systems to quickly locate convenient places to charge, including parking facilities that offer charging. 

Therefore, providing high-quality charging infrastructure and amenities that cater to the needs of drivers will become increasingly important for parking facilities looking to attract EV customers. When selecting an EV charging solution, choose a partner that makes your location easy to find through a popular app.


3. Dynamically price services based on demand 

A comprehensive charging solution allows you to set pricing according to energy dispensed (cost per kilowatt hour), time spent charging, a flat rate, or a combination of these factors. The pricing strategy that is right for you will depend on your business model, utility rate plan, other services you offer (such as valet parking, monthly rates, or fleet charging), and how long most drivers spend at your facility. 

Choose a charging station management software that can set flexible payment solutions. This will help to set a pricing strategy aligned with your business.

4. Manage energy usage to keep operating costs down

Real-time energy usage monitoring and setting power ceilings can help avoid costly utility demand charges. Power-sharing software can also be utilized to dynamically share electricity between stations, enabling more vehicles to be charged while using less energy. This approach can help avoid infrastructure upgrades as your needs change. Optimizing energy usage and distribution in this way can help reduce costs and improve sustainability.

Grasen's CSMS supports dynamic load balancing and allows for charging several EVs simultaneously in the most efficient way by using the remaining available power dynamically and balancing it between the EV chargers. It also allows increasing the number of charging stations without increasing the contracted power.

Learn more about EV Load Management

dynamic load management for workplaces

5. Marketing and Promotion

Last but not least, any business that wants to make a profit needs to make its services known loud and clear to the market. With a robust marketing and promotion strategy, you can have solid foot traffic that boosts your revenue from EV charging services. Leverage both traditional and digital channels to spread the word about your new EV charging services. Make sure to display signage with clear directions and communicate the unique benefits that come with charging EVs in your lot.

By employing these strategies, parking operators can develop an alternate source of revenue in this growing industry.

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