Guide to Test OCPP EV Chargers

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OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) is a standardized communication that allows different hardware and software systems to communicate efficiently. It's important to do EV charging hardware testing before they are fully operational. Below is a guide to test OCPP EV chargers.

EV charging hardware testing can identify potential faults and ensure the compatibility of charging stations before they are fully operational, thus guaranteeing an efficient and reliable charging experience for EV users.

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Preparation before testing

During the process of onsite testing for EV chargers, maintaining stable connectivity is crucial. Continuous communication between the EV charger and the backend system allows for smooth operations and efficient charging. 

Charger Configurations

Setting up chargers correctly is key to efficient, user-friendly operations. This involves a host of considerations, including power parameters, charger type identification, authorization requests, and authentication methods.

Set the correct power parameters – Ensure the charger is programmed to deliver the appropriate current, power factor, and voltage to the EV. 

Check OCPP configuration – OCPP configuration should be outlined in the documentation of each hardware manufacturer. These configurations might differ slightly, affecting how specific functionalities work or are interpreted. 

Check update functionalities – For example, diagnostic firmware updates or firmware status updates, may not be fully implemented. 

Authorization requests – It's a security measure that ensures only authorized personnel or users can initiate charging sessions. Proper configuration of authorization requests safeguards the hardware and ensures that energy usage is correctly attributed and billed to the appropriate user.

Authentication process – This typically involves using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or vehicle identification numbers (VIDs). 

Processing of TX profiles – TX profiles are the core of smart charging and can pose potential issues if they are not processed correctly. 

guide to test ocpp ev charger


Testing OCPP chargers is a crucial element in the smooth operation of EV charging systems. A thorough understanding of the OCPP and its intricacies significantly contributes to the accuracy and efficiency of these tests, leading to better-performing charging stations.

Grasen CSMS is a leading smart charging software system that makes it easy to manage your EV charging and run extensive tests on OCPP chargers. To find out more, contact us today to book a demo.

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