7kW GBT EV Charger
  • 7kW GBT EV Charger
  • 7kW GBT EV Charger

7kW GBT EV Charger

* 7kW, 32A output power
* Advocate concise design style, simple palpability visual effect
* Type GB/T, single port
* Outdoor use, IP54
* Wall-mounted or pedestal-mounted * Support WIFI, 4G, Ethernet
* RFID, QR code payment, or plug & charge
* Emergency stop button
* Operation monitoring function
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Basics about GBT EV Charger

Charging standards for mainstream electric vehicles

At present, there are three main groups of charging standards for new energy vehicles: Type1 (American standard); Type2 (European standard), utilizing the SAE J1772 standard led by the international society of automotive engineers (SAE); and GBT, Chinese standard as well as CHAdeMO (Japanese standard).

7kw Home Charger Design Feature

ev charger gbt

Grasen adopts a concise design style and a simple palpable visual effect. This AC EV charger is mainly designed for home users or small businesses. With its lightweight design, this 7kW home EV charger could be applied anywhere you like, no matter floor-mounted or wall-mounted.

GBT 7kW EV Charger Functions

- Outdoor or indoor use, protection level IP54, waterproof & dustproof

- Wall mounted & pedestal mounted

- Personal version / operating version

- Support WIFI, 4G, Ethernet

- RFID, QR code payment or plug & charge

- Emergency stop button

- Operation monitoring function

7kW GBT EV Charger Installation Procedures

7kw ev charger mounting

Wall-mounted 7kW GB/T Charging Pile

7kw ev charger mounting

1. Drill mounting holes on the wall according to the size (180*100) as shown in the picture below. Put the plastic expansion tube M8*100 into the drilling holes. Connect the wire holder and the wall bracket with countersunk screws first, and then fix the wall bracket to the wall.

2. Fix the left and right wall hanger parts to the back of the ev charger, hang them on the bracket, then fix them with anti-theft screws.

3. Connect the power cable.

Maintenance and Care

The product should be placed in a room where the ambient temperature is -40℃~+70℃, the relative humidity is not more than 95%, the surrounding air does not contain acidic, alkaline, or other corrosive gases and explosive gases, and it is protected from lightning, snow, wind, and sand.

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Type7kW GBT EV Charger
Input Rating1-phase 220VAC±10%,   32A
Standby Power<5W
Output Power7KW 1-phase, 32A
Charge ConnectorType GB/T
Mounting TypeFloor-mounted /   Wall-mounted
Charging MethodPlug & charge,   RFID Swiping, Bluetooth, QR code optional
Network Connection4G,   LAN optional
Operating EnvironmentTemperature -20°C to   +50ºC; Humidity <95%
Protective FunctionOvervoltage,   undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, surge, leakage, etc.
Protection LevelIP54

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