What is the difference between DC and AC EV chargers?

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What is the difference between DC and AC EV chargers?

The differences between AC EV charger and DC EV charger mainly include these aspects: different charging time, different charging methods, different power consumption, different appearance, different charging power, and different installation locations.

DC AC Charger

Different Charging time 

The charging time of DC EV charger is relatively fast, usually in a DC charging station, and it takes 0.5 to 2 hours to fully charge the power battery; Charging a battery with the same capacity at an AC charging station typically takes 8-10 hours to fully charge.

Different charging methods

The DC charging station, commonly known as "fast charging", is fixedly installed outside the electric vehicle and connected to the AC power grid. The three-phase four-wire 380v frequency stability frequency is 50HZ. At the same time, a power supply device that can provide DC power to the off-vehicle electric vehicle power battery is selected. The AC charging station, also known as "slow charging", has no charging function. To charge the electric vehicle, it is necessary to connect the on-board charging motor to charge the battery through the charger, It only serves to provide power.

Different electricity consumption

It can also be seen from the literal meaning of the two types of charging piles that the AC charging pile uses AC power while the DC charging pile uses DC power.

Different appearance

The DC EV charger has many internal components and a relatively large volume. The gun head of the DC charger is 9-hole, with positive and negative electrodes, charging confirmation, etc. in addition to the ground wire. The AC charging pile has a relatively small volume, and the gun head is generally 7-hole, including AC power cord, ground wire, charging confirmation wire, etc.

Different charging power

The charging power of DC charging piles is relatively large, generally ranging from 40kw to 120kw, while the power of AC charging piles is relatively small, generally 7kw, 11kW.

Different installation locations

AC charging stations can be installed anywhere, and generally one will be installed in homes where there is a need. Charging is very convenient. DC charging stations are generally set by operating companies due to their size, price, and other reasons.

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