How to test electric vehicle charging points before delivery?

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The electric vehicle charging station test is a series of tests to ensure the safety, reliability and usability of the charging points. The purpose of the test is to ensure that under normal use conditions, the charging points can work safely and reliably in various situations.


The benefits of EV charging points testing
  • Ensure electrical safety of users, equipment and infrastructure

  • Verify that your EV charging station comply with the standards

  • Evaluate the conformance and interoperability of your EV charger station

  • Ensure electromagnetic compatibility of your charging solutions

First, we need to conduct an appearance test, so that we can quickly understand whether there is any unqualified appearance of the charging points. If there are obvious cracks, soldering reflow, cracking, etc., they should be dealt with in time. Secondly, we need to conduct installation tests, including the judgment of the installation process and the final installation effect; we should also pay attention to the looseness test and connection strength test for the installed components. The second is the test of electrical performance: including the assessment of the existence and normality of power supply, insurance, brake position and switch; the withstand voltage and turn-to-turn tolerance of each component should also be assessed.

Finally, there are tests for functionality, features, and usage characteristics. It mainly includes the assessment of the user's attention to the interactive interface, alarm mechanism, digital display mode, etc.; whether the signal transmission between various components is normal; To re-examine it again.


In short: A complete set of charging points test methods should include three aspects: appearance, installation, function/features/use characteristics to measure whether a high-quality EV charging point is properly prepared before shipping. quality is our culture, with Grasen, your business is safe, and your money is safe.

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