New Energy Electric Vehicles - Summer Maintenance Tips

2021-06-08 16:39:17  Resource

Just after May 1st, the summer heat is getting closer and closer to us, and the changeable weather comes with it. One minute it's hot and steamy ...... So for those of you who own a new energy vehicle, how do you care for your car?

The summer maintenance strategy for new energy vehicles.

1. Check beforehand

Whenever it rains before you travel, you should check your car. Mainly include: whether the wipers and vehicle air conditioning defogging is normal.

2. Try to avoid the sunny areas when parking

When the battery of an electric car is exposed to the sun, it will directly lead to an increase in internal pressure, which will cause the battery to lose water, leading to a decrease in battery activity and accelerating the ageing of the pole plate.

3. Control the speed of the car

When driving in rainy weather, the speed should be less than 60km/h. In case of stormy weather, you should park in a safe area. If you have to drive, the speed should be less than 20km/h.

4. Try to avoid driving into deep water

When the vehicle is accidentally driven into deep water, it is very easy to have a short-circuit accident. When the vehicle is immersed in water, it is forbidden to continue driving. At this time, you should quickly cut off the electricity and leave the car, do not contact with the metal body to prevent electric shock.

5. Charging precautions

In summer, when the vehicle needs to be recharged after driving at high speed, it is recommended to park it for 30 minutes and then look for a cool and ventilated place for charging. Charging is prohibited during heavy rain and thunderstorms. If the vehicle is charged in the open air or on low ground, charging should be terminated after the rain to prevent short-circuiting when the height of water exceeds the charging port.


Have you mastered it?

Then get it!

Let your car have a safe and happy summer too!

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