Several common thermal solutions for charging piles

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In recent years, China's new energy vehicle production and sales have grown rapidly, and the synergistic effect of various central and local support policies has been fully developed. According to the "Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Development Guide (2015-2020)" released by the National Development and Reform Commission and other four departments on November 17, 2015, it is proposed that by 2020, more than 12,000 centralized charging stations and more than 4.8 million decentralized charging piles will be added to meet the charging needs of 5 million electric vehicles nationwide. With an investment scale of 124 billion yuan in charging facilities construction, the market will usher in huge development opportunities.

Compared to other power sources, the system heat dissipation of ev charging piles is much greater, and the thermal design requirements for the system are extremely strict. DC charging pile power range in 30KW, 60KW and 120KW, the efficiency is generally in about 95%, then 5% of which is converted into heat loss, its heat loss will be 1.5KW, 3KW and 6KW. for outdoor equipment, these heat must be discharged outside the equipment, otherwise it will accelerate the aging of the equipment, at the same time need to do a good job of waterproof and dustproof treatment, to prevent the short circuit of electronic equipment and Signal disruptions.

There are currently four common cooling modes: natural cooling (mainly by heat sink), forced air cooling, water cooling and air conditioning. Most companies are currently using forced air cooling for this purpose, due to factors such as size, cost and reliability. This then inevitably brings disturbances such as dust, corrosive gases and moisture. The charging pile cooling is divided into two parts: module cooling and overall chassis cooling. Since the charging module is built in, the protection measures are mainly reflected in the design of the chassis above. The simplest and most economical design is to make louvres at the air inlet and outlet of the case and then add a fan at the outlet to extract the heat discharged from the module fan.

This method provides a certain degree of protection, but dust and moisture will inevitably enter over time. If you want better protection, you can use a closed hot and cold isolation duct, the internal hot and cold isolation in the partition to make the hot and cold fluids completely separate, through the heat-conducting carrier and the top fan efficient cooling, the two ends of the air inlet and outlet selected louvre filter set, effective waterproof and dustproof.

The working principle of the heat-conducting carrier: the heat-conducting carrier consists of a tube shell, a liquid-absorbing core, an end cap and fins, and the tube is pumped into a negative pressure of 1.3×(10-1~10-4)Pa and then filled with an appropriate amount of working liquid, so that the capillary material of the liquid-absorbing core, which is close to the inner wall of the tube, is filled with liquid and then sealed. One end of the tube is the evaporation section (heated section), the other end is the condensation section (cooling section), according to the application needs in the middle of the two sections can be arranged adiabatic section. When one end of the heat pipe is heated, the liquid in the capillary core evaporates and vaporises, the steam flows under a small pressure difference to the other end and condenses into liquid, the liquid then flows back to the evaporation section along the porous material by the action of capillary force. So the cycle, heat from one end of the tube to the other - end. And there is a top fan to take away the heat.

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