European Union: Increase the limit of C02 emissions for new cars to 55% by 2030

2022-10-19 12:00:32  News

The Council of the European Union, which defines the orientation of the general politics in the EU, approved at the late night of the 28th of June to increase the limit of the greenhouse gas emissions to 55% for the new cars and vans in 2030. The voting allowed also to stay firm on the ICE (internal combustion engines) manufacturing ban in 2035.

The European Union Council also approved to review of the charging network for electric vehicles and other alternative fuel engines across the member states to ensure the range for the drivers. All these regulations will imply that in 2035 EU will apply a de facto ban on all ICE vehicles.

The Council also explicitly talked about the electric vehicle charging network and other alternative fuel infrastructures to promote the ultimate combustion engine vehicle dropout. The councilors voted in favor of a related revision of the deployment of the alternative fuels infrastructure (AFIR) to ensure for drivers are able to recharge their vehicles across the member states.

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