How Do I Pay for the Charge? GRASEN EV Charging Payment Solutions

2022-10-19 11:58:48  News

One of the most concerned questions about EV charging station is that how do people pay for the charge? Since people's requirements on the payment convenience becomes higher and higher, it's important that ev chargers could support various payment methods. Let's check GRASEN Power EV charging payment solutions below:

grasen ev charging station payment solutions

Option 1: Mobile Application

Use the network-specific mobile app to set up a payment method within the app . See how we use mobile app to charge GRASEN AC EV wallbox charger.

Check how to charge with RFID card and Mobile APP with our EV wallbox charger

Option 2: RFID Card

Order a network-specific RFID card and load funds onto it. This card can then be used at a fast charging station for payment. Grasen will offer RFID card together with our ev charging station for customers to test and operation. You may like to know How to use RFID card to charge with an EV DC charger.

Option 3: POS

Credit card is one of the most common payment method used by people. Grasen Power EV Charger support credit card payment with POS. But the ev charging station operator need to confirm with local bank and handle relevant business.

However, we recommend our customers having a network-specific RFID card for cases in which you're unable to access the mobile app (e.g. your phone battery dies, or you're in an area where you don’t have mobile/internet connectivity).

Our Customers

Very satisfied with the quality of the product and the suppliers service. The product was delivered in good package. Will definitely purchase from this supplier again.

-- Marcus Groll,A Charging Station Owner in UKRAINE

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