Case Study-30kW DC Fast Charger

2023-10-09 13:45:25  News

As more and more electric vehicles hit the roads, the demand for fast and effective charging solutions is increasing at a rapid pace. EV drivers are looking for charging stations that are easy to use, efficient, and cost-effective. This is where the 30kW DC fast charger comes into play as a top-performing solution.

30kw dc ev charger

The above picture shows a successful case from a company in Europe. The company installed the 30kW DC fast charger at an office building's car park, which receives many EV drivers. The installation took only a few days, and the compact size of the charger made it easy to fit in the limited space.

The charger's smart charging features are one of the primary reasons why this customer chose this particular product. The charger supports OCPP 1.6J, and can seamlessly connect to their EV charging station management software.

The other benefit is the highly cost-effective factor. The 30kW DC fast charger has a low cost of ownership, reducing the company's overall expenses. 

Moreover, the ease of use of the charger is another important factor. The charger has a user-friendly interface, enabling EV drivers to start and stop charging with a single tap on their smartphone. This feature is especially convenient for drivers as they can monitor the progress of their charging from wherever they are.

In conclusion, the 30kW DC fast charger is an excellent solution for businesses looking to provide DC charging solutions for EV drivers. It is compact, cost-effective, supports smart charging, and is easy to use. If you're looking to join the electric vehicle revolution and provide excellent charging solutions, contact us today to get a custom charging solution.

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