30KW CCS CHADEMO DC Fast Charger
  • 30KW CCS CHADEMO DC Fast Charger
  • 30KW CCS CHADEMO DC Fast Charger
  • 30KW CCS CHADEMO DC Fast Charger

30KW CCS CHADEMO DC Fast Charger

30KW CCS CHADEMO DC Fast Charger is a fast charging station that can charge all EVs in accordance with CHAdeMO and CCS charging standards. It includes the unique design of power electronic products, thus forming the great specifications of DC fast charging. Higher power output with best power factor and efficiency.
* Output power - 30KW
* Connector - CCS and CHADEMO combined
* Network: 4G, Ethernet
* OCPP 1.6J supported
* Standard - EU, Japan, China, and other places upon request
* Suitable for public parking lot, bus station, gas station, freeway service area
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What is a DC Fast Charger?

DC chargers, also known as direct-current fast charging (DCFC). This charging system converts the AC from the grid to DC before it enters the car and charges the battery without the need for an inverter. Usually called direct-current fast charging, it operates at powers from 25 kilowatts to more than 350 kilowatts.

How does 30KW CCS CHADEMO DC Fast Charger work?

30KW CCS CHADEMO DC fast chargers for electric vehicles use DC charging; they convert the power before it enters the electric vehicle. After conversion, the power directly bypasses the electric vehicle's converter and enters the car battery.

Features of 30KW CCS CHADEMO DC Fast Charger

grasen 30kw ev charger

- 30KW CCS CHADEMO DC Fast Charger is equipped with two charging modules that deliver up to 30KW to a electric vehicle. High-efficiency power conversion (more than 95%) reduces electricity costs and wasted energy.

- Charging speed to 80% within 1.5 hour;

- Support RFID card reader for user authentication;

- 8'' LCD touch screen & user-friendly interface;

- Compatible with open standard connectors: CCS1 (SAE J1772™ Combo), CCS2 (IEC 61851-23), CHADEMO;

- Support OCPP 1.6 or OCPP 2.0 to realize intelligent charging system.

Regarding 30 kW DC fast charger price

A 30 kW DC fast charger price can vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific features included in the charger. Generally, a 30 kW DC fast charger is more expensive than a standard Level 2 AC charger due to its ability to provide a significantly faster charging time. The price can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, with additional costs for installation and maintenance. 

Grasen is specialized in providing tailored EV charging solutions with the most suitable products and affordable prices.

Easy installation of Grasen 30kW DC fast charger

The 30kW single port or 60kW dual ports DC fast charger is designed to fit any location. It has flexible mounting ways including pedestal mount and wall mount. Just two workers can finish the installation job.


Where can I charge my electric vehicles?

Although many EV drivers charge their cars at home or at work, public networks provide valuable additional charging support and provide an opportunity to extend driving distance in EV mode. Most networks offer a mix of slow, fast, and rapid charging options.

Customers can find the location of ev charger via Grasen mobile App. Search the ev charger where you want and reserve an ev charger when you need.

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Charging Test of 30KW CCS CHADEMO DC Fast Charger

30KW CCS CHADEMO DC fast charger with dual charging ports – CHAdeMO and CCS. Designed for the "charge and go" segment, it is ideal for use at retail locations, car dealerships, fuel stations and parking applications.

Highway fuel stations

High turnover parking

Commercial fleet operators

EV infrastructure and service providers

30KW CCS CHADEMO DC Fast Charger Supplier

Luoyang Grasen Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, sales and services of new-energy electric vehicle charging equipments. We're very proud of our leading technology and professional services, and our mission is to provide the most advanced smart solution for all customers, resellers and manufacturers.

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ModelGSCS030HY1 GSCS060HY2
Input & OutputPower30KW60KW
Input Voltage3-phase 400V ±15%[xss_clean_space]AC3-phase 400V ±15%[xss_clean_space]AC
Working Frequency45~65Hz45~65Hz
Output Voltage150-1000V DC150-1000V DC
Output Current5~100A5~200A
Power Factor0.990.99
Function & AccessoryConnectorsCCS/CHAdeMOCCS/CHAdeMO
Display8'' LCD Touch Screen8'' LCD Touch Screen
Cable Length5m or 7m5m or 7m
Network ConnectionEthernet/4GEthernet/4G
Emergency StopYesYes
Working EnvironmentProtectionIP54IP54
Cooling MethodForced Air-coolingForced Air-cooling
Working Temperature -30℃~+55℃ -30℃~+55℃
Storage Temperature -35℃~+55℃ -35℃~+55℃
Operating Humidity≤95% non-condensing≤95% non-condensing
Acoustic Noise<60dB<60dB
CertificateCertificate No.AN504631360001AN504631360001
Reference StandardDIN70121/ISO15118/IEC61851/SAEJ1772DIN70121/ISO15118/IEC61851/SAEJ1772
CertificateCE certified by TUVCE certified by TUV

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