DC Wallbox 30KW 60KW
  • DC Wallbox 30KW 60KW
  • DC Wallbox 30KW 60KW

DC Wallbox 30KW 60KW

GRASEN DC Wallbox is a compact 30kW or 60kw DC fast charger with one or two outlets supporting CCS and CHAdeMO protocols.
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Compared to AC charging, DC charging is an ideal solution for users who demand shorter charging times and higher charging asset utilization. However, some people may hesitate to choose DC charging solution due to higher operating and installation costs. Under such a situation, Grasen Power launched a new product - DC Wallbox, a low-power DC solution. Users' charging needs can be met in balance with load demands and infrastructure costs.

ev charger dc 30kw wallbox

GRASEN DC Wallbox is a compact 30kW or 60kw DC fast charger with one or two outlets supporting CCS and CHAdeMO protocols. 

DC Wallbox Fast Charger Features

dc wallbox installation

- Offers fast charging in an ultra-compact footprint

- CCS / CHAdeMO dual charging ports

- Low installation cost when compared to traditional 60kw~200kw EV charging station

- Wall-mount and pedestal mount

- RFID and mobile app user access

Wallbox DC Charger Management Platform

grasen dc wallbox management platform

Operating this compact DC Wallbox is easy thanks to an 8'' LCD touchscreen display. This includes starting and stopping charge sessions, progress indication during charging, help menus, language selection, and PIN code access control.

As connectivity is the key to successful EV charging installations, GRASEN DC Wallbox EV charger support OCPP communication protocols. The charger can be easily connected to our cloud charging management system for easy operation,online payment, monitoring and maintenance.  

APP for dc ev charger

GRASEN wallbox DC charger supports RFID card and mobile APP payment.So it'sideal for various commercial applications like EV parking, fleet charging and also residential.

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Model GSCS030HY1  GSCS060HY2
Input & Output Power 30KW 60KW
Charging Alternately Simultaneously
Input Voltage 3-phase 400V ±15%[xss_clean_space]AC 3-phase 400V ±15%[xss_clean_space]AC
Working Frequency 45~65Hz 45~65Hz
Output Voltage 150-1000V DC 150-1000V DC
Output Current 5~100A 5~200A
Power Factor 0.99 0.99
Efficiency ≥95% ≥95%
Function & Accessory Connectors CCS/CHAdeMO CCS/CHAdeMO
Display 8'' LCD Touch Screen 8'' LCD Touch Screen
Cable Length 5m or 7m 5m or 7m
Network Connection Ethernet/4G Ethernet/4G
Indicator Yes Yes
Emergency Stop Yes Yes
Working Environment Protection IP55 IP55
Cooling Method Forced Air-cooling Forced Air-cooling
Working Temperature  -30℃~+55℃  -30℃~+55℃
Storage Temperature  -35℃~+55℃  -35℃~+55℃
Operating Humidity ≤95% non-condensing ≤95% non-condensing
Altitude ≤2500m ≤2500m
Acoustic Noise <60dB <60dB

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