DC AC Combo EV Charging Station
  • DC AC Combo EV Charging Station
  • DC AC Combo EV Charging Station

DC AC Combo EV Charging Station

DC AC Combo EV Charging Station are designed for quick, reliable, intelligent, convenient charging of all electric vehicle models, including those equipped with high voltage battery systems. The compact size of DC AC Combo EV Charging Station makes it perfect for public and fleet use, while its modularity allows an increase of charging power up to 120KW and serve up to three electric vehicles at the same time.
* Connector - CCS|Chademo|AC Type 2
* Network: 4G, Ethernet
* OCPP 1.6J supported
* TUV CE certification
* Standard - EU, Japan, China, and other places upon request
* Suitable for public parking lot, bus station, gas station, freeway service area
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What is a DC|AC combo EV Charging Station?

DC AC combo ev charger station, also called multi-standard charging station, refers to ev chargers that with triple connnectors of CHAdeMO, Combo CCS and AC Type 2 plugs. It can charging 3 different standards electric cars and fit for almost all brands EVs. Besides, DC and AC Charger can be worked simultaneously.  

ev charger triple plug

Why Multi-standard Charging Stations Are Necessary?

For ev charging stations, especially for commercial charging stations,the coming EVs will be of various brands and charging protocols.

For example, in the U.S. and European market, CCS is more popular than CHAdeMO in the total number of DC Fast Chargers. The CCS Charger can offer more high power for charing. However, since Japanese EV manufacturers, such as Nissan motor, launched and exported considerable quantity CHAdeMO Electric cars in the past, CHAdeMO Chargers is also necessory for EV Charging infrastructures.

GRASEN Three-in-one AC/DC integrated charging station power covers 60KW to 200KW, and can be configurable with single, dual or triple connectors to meet the changing charging needs of customers.

Features of Grasen DC AC Combo EV Charging Station

combo dc charger

  • Comply with multiple charging standards including CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO,GB/T, AC Type 2

  • Multiple outputs: DC power 30kw~120kw, AC power 22kw/44kw

  • Support CCS, CHAdeMO,and AC Type 2 charging outputs simultaneously

  • Supports the open communicationn protocol OCPP

  • Supports remote monitoring and online upgrades

  • Payment through RFID card or Mobile APP

  • Customizable 

  • Multilingual operation 

Application of Triple Gun DC AC Combo EV Charging Station

The CHAdeMO CCS Type 2 combo charging pile is usually used for public projects. Because that chargers provide multi standards charging protocol for EVs.

  • Fleet

  • Company Vehicles & Motor Pools

  • Delivery & Logistics Fleets

  • Passenger Transportation

  • Education

  • Entertainment and Stadiums

  • Federal and State Agencies

  • Healthcare

  • Public Parking-lot

  • Workplace

Check GRASEN Three-in-one DC AC Combo EV Charging Station


How fast is DC fast charging?

The charging time depends on the battery capacity and the charging power. In simple terms, the time rate of charge depends on the charging level used, and the charging level depends on the voltage handling of the batteries and charger electronics in the car.

DC fast charging is great for when you need to recharge quickly, especially for brief stops on road trips or when you're low on your charge and pressed for time. For example, an electric car that would take 4-8 hours to charge with a Level 2 AC EV charger will typically only take 15-30 minutes with a DC Fast Charger.

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Input & OutputMax Power of DC-130KW60KW
Max Power of DC-230KW60KW
Output Power of AC22KW22KW
Input Voltage3-phase 400V ±15%[xss_clean_space]AC3-phase 400V ±15%[xss_clean_space]AC
Working Frequency45~65Hz45~65Hz
DC Output Voltage150-1000V DC150-1000V DC
DC Output Current0~200A0~400A
AC Output Voltage3-phase 400V ±15%[xss_clean_space]AC3-phase 400V ±15%[xss_clean_space]AC
Max.AC Output Current32A32A
Power Factor0.990.99
Function & AccessoryConnectorsCCS, CHAdeMO, AC Type 2CCS, CHAdeMO, AC Type 2
Display8'' LCD Touch Screen8'' LCD Touch Screen
Cable Length5m or 7m5m or 7m
Network ConnectionEthernet/4GEthernet/4G
Emergency StopYesYes
Working EnvironmentProtectionIP55IP55
Cooling MethodForced Air-coolingForced Air-cooling
Working Temperature -30℃~+55℃ -30℃~+55℃
Storage Temperature -35℃~+55℃ -35℃~+55℃
Operating Humidity≤95% non-condensing≤95% non-condensing
Cooling MethodForced Air-coolingForced Air-cooling
Acoustic Noise<60dB<60dB
CertificateCertificate No.AN504631360001AN504631360001
Reference StandardDIN70121/ISO15118/IEC61851/SAEJ1772DIN70121/ISO15118/IEC61851/SAEJ1772
CertificateCE certified by TUVCE certified by TUV

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