Comparison between AC and DC Charging Station

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The differences between AC charging station and DC charging station mainly include these aspects: different charging time, different charging methods, different power consumption, different appearance, different charging power, and different installation locations.

How to choose the right EV charger for your car ?
EV ChargerACDC
NameLevel 1 or level 2Level 3
Slow chargingFast charging
Charging Power7kW~22kW30kW~350kW
Input Voltage1 phase 220V+15%3 phase 380V/400V±15%
Charging Time/Speed6~10 hour30mins ~1 hours
Charging ConnectorType 1 or Type 2CCS or CHAdeMO or GBT

ev connectors


ev charger230111

ev DC charger230111
Charging modelAC charger supply power to OBC, then to the electric batteryDC Charger supply the power to the electric battery directly
ApplicationHome, Residential, Commercial...Highway service, Parking lot, Fleet, Commercial building, Public station...

Here is the difference in charging model:

EV charger station ac and dc

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