20 EV Facts You Should Know

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Electric vehicles may be garnering plenty of buzz in 2023 — but how much do you really know about EVs? From the EV market to EV charging, here are 20 facts and statistics about electric vehicles that may surprise you.

EV charging facts

The Electric Vehicle Market

1. The global electric vehicle market is expected to surpass $980 billion by 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 24.5% from 2023 to 2028. 

2. As of 2021, there were more than 16 million electric vehicles on the road worldwide, which is expected to reach 200-270 million EVs by 2030.

3. China is the largest market for electric vehicles, accounting for more than 20% of global electric vehicle sales.  Other major markets include the United States, Japan, and Europe.

4. The Tesla Model Y was the best-selling electric vehicle in the world in 2022.  

5. The Tesla Model 3 was the second-best-selling electric vehicle in the world.

6. Transitioning to EVs could create over 150,000 jobs in the U.S. by 2030.

7. Electric vehicles can reduce the risk of oil price fluctuations, as electricity prices are generally more stable than oil prices.

8. Electric cars have fewer moving parts than gas-powered cars, which means they require less maintenance.

9. Electric cars have instant torque, which means they can accelerate faster than gas-powered cars.

10. The Chevrolet Bolt was the first mass-market electric vehicle to have a range of over 200 miles per charge.

11. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in the car-sharing and ride-hailing industries, with companies like Uber and Lyft adding electric vehicles to their fleets.

12. Electric buses are becoming increasingly popular in cities around the world as a way to reduce air pollution and improve public transportation.

13. Electric school buses are becoming increasingly popular as a way to reduce emissions and improve air quality near schools.

14. Companies like UPS and DHL are developing electric delivery trucks to reduce emissions and improve efficiency in last-mile delivery.

15. Companies such as Airbus and Boeing are developing Electric aircraft to reduce emissions and noise pollution in the aviation industry.

Electric Vehicle Charging

1. Charging times are getting faster. With advancements in technology and infrastructure, electric vehicles can now charge in as little as 15 minutes. That’s almost as fast as filling up your fuel tank.

2. There will be more public charging stations. Governments all around the world are investing in public charging stations to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles. 

3. Solar-powered charging stations will be more prevalent.

4. Home charging will be even more affordable.

5. Manufacturers will offer more range on electric vehicles.

The future of electric vehicle charging is looking brighter than ever. With faster charging times, more public charging stations, and advanced technology, owning an electric vehicle has never been easier. Not only is it better for the environment, but it is also more affordable and convenient. Now is the perfect time to invest in an electric vehicle and take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer. Contact us today to get a FREE consultation!

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