Industry Launches Agora to Boost EV Charger Roaming in Canada

2023-12-26 15:48:31  News

Sixteen companies have joined hands to launch a campaign to boost electric vehicle (EV) charger roaming in Canada. The initiative seeks to encourage more interoperability between different EV charging networks, making it easier for drivers to access charging infrastructure across the country. Those backing the drive include utilities, car manufacturers, and charging infrastructure providers.

Agora (Greek for market or open meeting space) is a national campaign jointly led by three founders — ChargeHub, BC Hydro, and Circuit Electric — and 12 other industry partners ranging from charging networks to automakers.

Agora offers several features:

- A website to answer key questions about EV roaming

- A tool to find charging networks compatible with the most important mobility services in Canada and the United States

- Statistics on the state of interoperability in Canada, as well as dedicated resources for the industry

Simplifying and streamlining

There are over 44 charging networks in Canada and nearly 28,000 public charging stations.

In an ideal charging scenario, motorists would simply pull up to any charging station, connect their vehicle, charge up, and be on their way without any hassle. There would be no need to use RFID cards or deal with failed charging sessions, as there would just be one easy-to-use app to manage all their charging needs. Such a seamless and user-friendly charging experience would undoubtedly encourage more people to switch to electric vehicles, thereby reducing their carbon footprint and ultimately helping to combat climate change.

Other industry partners

To succeed, Agora requires the full spectrum of industry participation from automakers to utilities to consumer advocacy groups.

To date, the other named industry partners for Agora are Nissan, VinFast, Ivy Charging Network, Hypercharge, SWITCH, ATCO, NB Power, Chargelab, Bectrol, Electric Vehicle Society, Running Electric campaign, Propulsion Québec and Quebec Electric Vehicle Association (AVEQ).

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