Development and Reform Commission: Coordinating the construction and renovation of charging piles in residential communities

2021-05-20 18:31:14  News

According to the Development and Reform Commission on the 20th news, in order to accelerate the enhancement of charging and switching infrastructure service guarantee capacity to support the development of new energy vehicle industry, the Development and Reform Commission. The Energy Bureau has organized and drafted the "Implementation Opinions on Further Enhancing the Service Guarantee Capability of Charging and Switching Infrastructure (Draft for Public Comments)", which is now open for public comments.

The Opinions propose to improve the mechanism for promoting the construction of ev charging piles in residential communities. Local charging infrastructure departments in charge of the housing and urban-rural construction, human defense, fire and other departments to establish a collaborative mechanism to promote the construction and transformation of charging piles in residential communities. If the installation conditions are available, the management units and owners' committees of residential communities shall not obstruct the users from building the piles. The management units of residential communities that actively support and cooperate with the installation of charging piles can be given special incentives.

In addition, strive to 2025, the national ecological civilization test area, air pollution prevention key areas of the highway service area fast charging station coverage rate of not less than 80%, other areas of not less than 60%.

According to the latest retail sales data from the Passenger Association, domestic new energy narrow passenger vehicle sales in April 2021 were 163,000 units, up 192.8% year-on-year; cumulative sales from January to April were 60.0 million units, up 265.6% year-on-year. As you can see, China's overall new energy vehicle sales are still performing better than the industry and are booming. Admittedly, the ability of new energy vehicles to go all the way depends largely on the availability of charging piles. Therefore, there is a saying in the new energy vehicle market that the one who gets the charging pile gets the world. The Development and Reform Commission has said that it will co-ordinate the construction and renovation of charging piles in residential communities, which will undoubtedly press the "accelerator button" for the construction of new energy vehicle charging infrastructure in residential communities.

Or affected by this good news, charging pile concept stocks quickly pull up. Among them, Aotearun pulled up to seal the board, Ke Da intelligence up, Infinity rose more than 12%, Infinity, TGOOD, and Shun electrical, in the electrical, power source, etc. followed up.

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