15kW Portable Mobile DC EV Charger
  • 15kW Portable Mobile DC EV Charger

15kW Portable Mobile DC EV Charger

15KW portable mobile ev charger are mainly used for charging 200V to 750V power lithium batteries, and are widely applied for alternate charging for PHEV, electric taxis, electric buses and other systems.
* Output power - 15kW;
* Connector -GBT, CCS;
* Easy and convenient for fast charging;
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What is Mobile EV Charger? 

Mobile EV Charger is a portable device to supply DC power to electric car and provide fast and reliable power. It is mainly used for charging 200V-750V lithium battery. It is small, light and easy to carry. It is called a portable power bank for electric vehicles. It is widely used in cycle charging of plug-in hybrid buses, electric taxis, electric buses and other systems.

Mobile EV Charger Features:

(1) It has functions such as input over-voltage and under-voltage, phase loss, current limit, output over-current, over-voltage, short circuit, over heat protection, immersion reminder, etc.;

(2) Perfect electrical zero risk design, with functions of timing, real-time monitoring and protection, pre-diagnosis of equipment abnormalities, reminding feedback, and BMS autonomous protection;

(3) The charging gun head is equipped with an electronic lock, which prevents the gun head from being pulled out arbitrarily during the charging state, ensuring that there is no risk for the person;

(4) Diversified charging methods, which can be automatic charging, scheduled charging, quantitative charging, fixed-rate charging, SOC charging;

(5) Exquisite appearance, small size, easy to carry outdoors, only use 4.3 inch color touch screen to make operation and display more convenient and intelligent;

(6) It has functions of meter measurement and background monitoring, which is convenient for customers to monitor the status of the charging station.

Mobile EV Charger Advantages:

Our best portable car battery charger is flexible;

Modular design  and convenient for maintenance;

Advertising screen can broadcast advertising information timely;

Supporting local and remote upgrade;

Safe and Efficient;

Charging pile with protection under voltage, under voltage, over current, short circuit;

System efficiency can reach over 99.9%;

Industrial level parts life span reaches 15 years.

15kW Portable EV DC Charger Price:

15kW portable ev dc charger price is largely affected by raw material, design, currency and warranty.

Please contact us for details if you are interested.

15kW Portable EV DC Charger Manufacturer:

Grasen is professional manufacturer of 15kW portable mobile ev charger and develop this product to meet customer's fast charging needs. It has compact size and advanced performance.Have been in this filed for over 11 years, this product is hot sales to meet customer another method of charging vehicles.

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Output power


Output voltage


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Stabilized voltage precision


Stabilized current precision


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