Common knowledge about charging pile

2021-04-29 11:01:13  FAQ

1. Over-current protection function

When there is an excessive external load and the current exceeds the rated value by 15%, the background system will automatically cut off the power supply.

Zero current stop function When charging is complete and the current is reduced to 0.5 amps, the backend system automatically stops to prevent the user from not taking the initiative to stop. Finally, there is an 'emergency stop button' next to the charging post if a fault occurs.

Q: Is the charging head always charged?

No. The charging gun is not charged when the charging post is not activated, but only when the gun and the vehicle port are perfectly aligned and the pile and gun are authenticated.

Q: What happens if the charging post malfunctions?

The charging pile has a range of protection features as follows

1 . Charging pile signal guidance function: the charging pile is connected to the vehicle charging completion guidance signal, only in the case of normal connection can start charging, in the process of charging, the signal changes, 80 milliseconds to cut off the output switch to stop charging.

2 . The role played by the dual circuit switch

The output circuit of the charging pile takes a double circuit switch, and when charging is stopped, the double circuit is disconnected, which enables complete physical isolation of charging and input.

Q: Does it show a fault when charging starts and cannot be charged?

Generally, the failure to charge may be caused by improper operation of a certain step, the vehicle must be off when preparing to charge (PS: individual models of new energy vehicles need to be locked after), the charging gun and the vehicle must be well docked when inserting the gun and hear the gun snap sound.

Q: What is the difference in current when charging different vehicles?

The output voltage and current of the charging pile is based on the feedback from the BMS system of the vehicle before outputting the corresponding voltage and current. For example, if the DC charging post is a 120KW double gun and two cars are charging at the same time, the maximum output current of the charging post is 150A, the maximum output of the single gun A is 220A and the maximum output of the single gun B is 150A.

Q: Is there any wear and tear on the battery when charging fast all the time?

The charging pile charging is DC fast charging, when the power in 20%-80% direct charging speed is the fastest, 90%[xss_clean_space]above the charging power will be reduced accordingly, its charging power is set by the vehicle manufacturer to protect the battery situation, will not cause battery damage, but charging 95%-100% which may produce some false power.

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