15kW CE Certified DC Charger Module
  • 15kW CE Certified DC Charger Module
  • 15kW CE Certified DC Charger Module

15kW CE Certified DC Charger Module

15kW EV charging modules have high efficiency, high power factor, high power density,high reliability advantage.
Rated Power:15kW;
AC Input: 3 phase 4 wire;
DC Output voltage: 150VDC~550VDC;
Safety requirements:CE certified;
EMC standard: EN61000-6-3,EN61000-6-1;
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What is EV Charger Module? 

EV Charger module is specially used in EV DC charging station for low speed EV, passenger electric car, electric bus. It adopts AC input 3 phase 4 wire, 150~550VDC,15kW output power,comliant with CE safety requirements,EMC standard EN61000-6-3 and EN61000-6-1 Class A, it is an advanced international level charger module.

EV Charger Module Function:

High efficiency over the full load range, full load efficiency greater than 95.5%;

Wide output voltage range,150~550VDC, suitable for a wide range of EVs;

Constant current for higher output power at low output voltage;

An internal patented intelligent discharger circuit automatically discharges residual charge,simplifying system designs;

Low standby power consumption, less than 10W;

EV DC Charger Module Main Features:

3 phase without neutral eliminates the risk of high neutral currents;

3 phase active power factor correction technology, reduces the harmonic interference to the grid;

Dual DSP design, achieve the full digital control, less components means high reliability;

Wide input voltage range,260-530VAC,allows operation in most poor grid conditions;

Wide operating temperature range,-40℃~+75℃;

Hot pluggable;

CAN interface;

EV DC Charger Module Applications: 

Charging stations for low speed EV,passenger electric car,electric bus;

15kW DC Charger Module Price:

15kW dc charging module price largely depends on raw material, inner parts, with CE or without CE certificate. It is our first generation product and keep updated.

15kW DC Charger Module Manufacturer:

Grasen is first company to develop charging modules and has been in this field for over 11 years.

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Model GSCH500030A
Environmental Ambient temperature -40~+75℃,derating from 55℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+70℃
Humidity ≤95%RH, without condensation
Cooling Fan cooling 
Three Phase AC Input Input voltage range 260~530VAC, three phase +PE
Rated voltage 400Vac
Max current 24A
Grid Frequency range 45Hz~65Hz
Power factor ≥0.99
Rated Frequency50Hz/60Hz
DC Output Voltage range 50V~750VDC
Current range 0~25A
Rated Current20A
Current sharing Average current±0.5A
Voltage accuracy <±0.5%
Current accuracy ≤±1%
Power Factor and THDPower factor ≥0.90 @25%~50% full load output power 
≥0.98 @50%~100% full load output power 
≥0.99 @100% full load output power,rated input voltage and frequency 

THD≤5%,@50%~100% full load output power
ControlCommunication CAN BUS 
Indication Light Green LED:normal operation,Yellow LED: alarm RED LED:failure
Reliability and SafetyMTBF>500,000h 
Safety CE compliant 
Mechanical Dimension 84mm(H)x226mm(W)×395mm(D)
Weight ≤10KG
Alarm and Protection FunctionInput over/under voltage protection Automatic shutdown,automatic restart when voltage return to normal
Output overvoltage protection Automatic shutdown and lock,need input restart to unlock
Overcurrent and short circuit protection Automatic shutdown and lock,need input restart to unlock
Over temperature protection Automatic shutdown,automatic restart when the temperature return to normal

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  • 15kW CE Certified DC charger module has high efficiency, high power factor, high power density, high reliability, adopts three-phase AC input, DC output voltage range 200-750V, meets CE safety regulations, is an international leading charging module.
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