90KW Dual CCS2 DC Fast Charger with TUV CE certificates
  • 90KW Dual CCS2 DC Fast Charger with TUV CE certificates
  • 90KW Dual CCS2 DC Fast Charger with TUV CE certificates

90KW Dual CCS2 DC Fast Charger with TUV CE certificates

Grasen's smart and fast speed 90KW Dual CCS2 DC Fast Charger with TUV CE certificates is hot selling in European countries, it supports OCPP 1.6, and it can add 84 miles of range in under 30 minutes and fast-charge two vehicles at the same time.
* Output power - 90KW
* Connector - CCS combo 2
* Networking way: 4G, Ethernet
* OCPP 1.6J supported
* Standard - Europe, or other standards as per request
* Suitable for public parking lot, bus station, gas station, freeway service area
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90kW DC Charging Pile Introduction:

It meets the European charging standard for electric vehicles. With Ethernet, 4G interfaces, support OCPP 1.6 protocol, for example, connect to CMS, the entire charging process is under intelligent control. This 90KW Dual CCS2 DC Fast Charger can provide a wide output voltage range of 200-750VDC. It also has an intelligent dual-plug power supply, which can be dynamically allocated, can charge two electric cars at the same time, and provide ultra-fast charging for a car with two plugs. Safe, reliable, efficient and convenient.

90kW DC Fast Charger Station Application:

It is suitable for large electric vehicle stations, expressway service areas, electric vehicle charging stations and other places. It is suitable for all types of electric vehicles capable of DC fast charging.

90kW Electric Vehicle Charging Pile Features:

Radio frequency IC card, which can identify user information in the background, calculate charging charges, and record consumption data;

Input 380V voltage, three-phase electronic energy meter;

Modular design;

Install leakage protection switch and emergency stop button;

Multiple communication modes: RS-485, CAN, Ethernet, wireless communication;

Four charging modes: automatic charging, timing, fee setting, electricity measurement;

90kW DC Fast Charging Pile Advantages:

1.Perfectly compatible with various electric vehicles, it can provide users with a variety of charging options, widely applicable to gas stations, large bus parking lots, highway service areas, urban public parking lots and other scenarios.

2.High product performance and high compatibility;

3.High safety and efficiency;

4.Advanced charging technology and product;

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Product Brief IntroductionTypeDC Charging Pile with two CCS-2 plugs
Description90kW DC Pile
Model GSCS750150A-T08
Power 90kW 
Electrical Index Input Rating3-phase 400V±15%[xss_clean_space]AC
Working frequency 45~65Hz
Output voltage200~750V DC
Output current 5-200A
Power factor 0.99
Efficiency ≥95%
Function Design Communication interface4G, Ethernet
Screen size 8”
Appearance and structure Charging cable length 5m
Mounting type Floor-mounted type
Dimension 1110*840*1965mm
Weight 300KG - 400KG
Environment TemperatureIP classIP55
Cooling method Air cooling
Working temperature-30℃~+55℃
Storage temperature-40℃~+70℃
Safety Design Altitude Up to 6000 feet (≤2000 m) 
Protection functionOver voltage over current
CertificateCertificate No.50347817 001_Certificate/AN504631360001
Reference Standard DIN70121/ISO15118/IEC61851/SAEJ1772
CertificateCE certified by TUV
User Interface & ControlSupport LanguageEnglish, Spanish, or other languages required
Push ButtonsEmergency stop
User AuthenticationRFID card reader, user name & password, mobile No. & pin code

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