180kW EV Charging Station
  • 180kW EV Charging Station
  • 180kW EV Charging Station

180kW EV Charging Station

Grasen new generation 180kW EV charging station with cable management system, support OCPP and load management.
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The advent of electric vehicles has brought with it the need for a comprehensive and reliable charging infrastructure. As the popularity of EVs continues to grow, the demand for faster charging stations has become more pressing. To meet customers' increasing demands and follow up with the trends, Grasen released the new generation of 180 kW EV charging stations.

ev charging station cable management

Cable Management

One major upgrade of the 180kW EV charger is the cable management system as an add-on supporting component. Its retractable function can greatly improve drivers' charging experience. Besides, this equipment can extend the cable's service life, and make your charging station clear and organized.

Ultra Fast

This 180 kW EV charging station is the newest addition to the family of Grasen DC fast chargers. It is capable of delivering up to 180 kW of power, providing a full charge to an EV in only 15 to 20 minutes. This is a significant improvement over the average charging time of 30 minutes for most fast charging stations.

Simultaneous Charging

Grasen's 180 kW EV charging station is capable of charging multiple vehicles at once, making it ideal for busy locations such as shopping centers, transportation hubs, and roadside rest areas. It is also equipped with a touchscreen display, providing real-time data on the charging status and availability of the station. Additionally, the station is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple interface that allows users to easily initiate and end charging sessions.

High Compatible

Another advantage of the 180 kW EV charging station is its versatility. The station is compatible with all types of EVs on the market and is capable of charging electric cars, buses, and even trucks. This is because it has a wide output voltage range from 150V to 1000V.

In conclusion, the 180 kW EV charging station is an innovative and reliable infrastructure solution for EV users and OEMs alike. Contact us for a custom EV charging solution.

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InputInput Voltage400V±15%/440V±15%/480V±15%
Input Voltage TypeTN-S(Three Phase Five Wire)
Working Frequency45~65Hz
Power Factor≥0.99
OutputRated VoltageCHAdeMO 500Vdc; CCS 1000Vdc; GBT 1000Vdc
Max. Output CurrentCHAdeMO 125A; CCS 200A; GBT 250A;
InterfaceDisplay8'' LCD Touchscreen
LanguageChinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, etc.
PaymentMobile APP/RFID/POS
CommunicationNetwork Connection4G(GSM or CDMA)/Ethernet
Communication ProtocolsOCPP1.6J or OCPP2.0
Working EnvironmentWorking Temperature-30°C ~ +50°C
Storage Temperature-35°C ~ +55°C
Operating Humidity≤95% Non-Condensing
Acoustic Noise<60dB
Cooling MethodForced Air-Cooling
MechanicalDimension(W x D x H)700mm*806mm*1890mm 
Cable Length5m or 7m
RegulationCertificateTUV CE/IEC61851-1/IEC61851-23/IEC61851-21-2
Charging InterfaceDIN70121/DIN70122/ISO15118

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