EV Charging Station Advertising
  • EV Charging Station Advertising
  • EV Charging Station Advertising

EV Charging Station Advertising

•IEC 62196 Type-2 cable connector
•Charging speeds - Dual 7kW (32A) or 22kW(32A)
•55'' LCD advertisement display
•2 x MID certified energy meter
•Built-in RCCB Type-B
•IP grade 66
•CE Certified
•Full OCPP 1.6J commands support
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The EV Charger with Advertisement Display is a modern charging station that combines both functionality and advertising capabilities. It is designed for public spaces such as parking lots, shopping centers, and public buildings. The charger provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to promote their brands, products, or services to electric vehicle owners while they charge their cars.

LCD display ev charger

Grasen's newly released EV Charger with Advertisement Display is equipped with a high-resolution LCD screen that displays full-color video advertisements for maximum impact. The screen can also display public service announcements and other informative content. 

The charger features a user-friendly interface, and drivers can easily start and stop the charging process with a simple tap of their RFID card or mobile app.

OCPP ev charger

Furthermore, all Grasen EV chargers fully support OCPP 1.6J and OCPP 2.0.1, can communicate with various charging station management systems and allow for remote monitoring and control. The basic functions including smart charging, dynamic load balancing, secure firmware update, etc.

The charger's advertisement display offers businesses a perfect opportunity to reach out to a new audience while providing an essential service. Companies can use various ad formats such as static images, text, and videos to create unique and engaging campaigns. The charger's software allows businesses to schedule, upload, and manage their ads remotely and track their campaign's results.

In summary, the EV Charger with Advertisement Display is an excellent investment for businesses looking to reach a new audience. It creates a win-win situation by providing an essential service to electric vehicle owners while promoting products and services to them through an advertisement display. Furthermore, it is eco-friendly and user-friendly, making it a vital addition to any public space.

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Power 7kW 22kW
Input Voltage Single Phase 230V Three Phase 400V
Output Current Max. 32A x 2
Working Frequency 50~60Hz
Connector Type Type-2 Socket x 2
MCB 50A MCB x 2
RCD Type-B RCCB x 2
Meter MID Certified Meter x 2
Network Connectivity Ethernet, WLAN, Cellular
Display 55" LCD 
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Communication Protocols OCPP1.6J, OCPP2.0
Working Temperature -20 °C ~ 45 °C 
Storage Temperature -40 °C ~ 70 °C
Working Humidity < 98% Non-Condensing
Ingress Protection IP66
Indications Standby(Green), Charging(Flashing Green), Fault(Red), Waring(Flash Red)
Dimension (H x W x D, mm) 2000mm*895mm*220mm
Certification CE, IEC 61851-1, IEC 62196-2
RFID ISO 14443 A/B
Weight 125Kg

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