Tips on maintenance and care of ev charging stations

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Nowadays, new energy vehicles can be seen everywhere in the streets, the development of electric vehicles has become a trend, ev charging stations everywhere are in full swing, so how much do you know about the maintenance of charging piles, today to explain the maintenance of DC fast chargers tips.

Regular testing

In order to ensure that the charging piles can be used anytime and anywhere, the maintenance and repair of the charging piles is guaranteed. KODAK Intelligent Energy regularly tests the facilities and the actual situation, establishes a management file specifying a series of DC charging pile maintenance and maintenance records, and implements the whole process management of the equipment.

Daily maintenance

During the use of the charging piles, the technical performance of the components will gradually deteriorate due to many factors such as heat, vibration, shock, ageing and accidents. Maintenance operations include cleaning, inspection, tightening, testing, adjustment and inspection. These are followed up by the dedicated after-sales staff of KODAK Intelligent Energy charging post business.

Repair and maintenance

When carrying out maintenance tests on equipment, it is important to have professional personnel and use professional maintenance tools to ensure maximum efficiency of the DC charging piles.

Equipment maintenance is mainly preventive in nature dividing regular protection into level one and level two.

The first level of maintenance mainly refers to cleaning the dust inside and outside the equipment, tightening the main, check the indicator, fuse, fuse and lightning protection device.

In addition to the first level maintenance items, cleaning and reliability checks are added to eliminate hidden dangers and adjust components to ensure that the charging piles are more tidy and practical.

Seasonal maintenance

Seasonal maintenance refers to special protection measures in special weather and climate conditions to enable the charging post to work properly. If you encounter a problem that is difficult to solve, consult a professional technician to get a quicker and better solution.

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