The advantages of new energy electric vehicles

2021-06-16 09:42:34  Resource

New energy vehicles are not a new topic, and I'm sure those of you who are concerned about it are well aware of the definition and classification. Compared to the traditional energy engine vehicles currently in common use, new energy vehicles have the following advantages.

1. Electric drive unit driving electric motor is more quiet than the engine running up, so the noise emission of electric vehicles is very low, when running at high speed, the maximum sound is only the friction noise of the tyres and the road.

2. Electric vehicles do not emit harmful substances or greenhouse gases during the driving process, and if the vehicle's high-voltage battery is charged by renewable energy sources, the electric motor does not emit any carbon dioxide gas.

3. In the near future, if "zero-emission" zones are defined in extremely congested city centres, only electric vehicles can be driven in them.

4. The electric drive form motor is so powerful that it requires little maintenance and will only experience a small amount of mechanical wear and tear.

5. The electric drive motor is extremely efficient at over 90%, while the engine's efficiency is only between 35% and 40%.

6. The electric drive train electric motor has excellent torque and output characteristics and can produce maximum torque from standstill, which makes the acceleration of electric vehicles higher than that of vehicles with internal combustion engines.

7. The design of the drive system is simpler because electric vehicles no longer need to be equipped with transmissions, clutches, silencers, three-way catalytic converters, fuel tanks, etc.

8. When the vehicle is braking, the electric motor can also act as an alternator for generating electricity and charging the high-voltage battery, with energy recovery.

9. It is possible to charge the high-voltage battery at home, in any power outlet in the car park, distinguishing it from a DC charging post, AC charger, etc.

10. Only provide energy when the user needs it, compared to conventional energy vehicles, the electric drive no longer works when the vehicle is stopped at traffic lights.

11. Some electric drive vehicles no longer carry a transmission on them.

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