How to use DC Fast Charging?

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DC fast chargers charge faster than AC chargers and are also easy to use.You may want to know the differences between DC charging and AC charging before deciding which one is more suitable for you. In this post, we'll show you how to use DC fast charging with an example of GRASEN DC EV charger.

Before Charging

Confirm if your EV is capable of DC fast charging

Some old cars tend to have a maximum charge rate of 50kw, while the new cars can have as high as 225KW.

Check Your Car and Connector Type 

connector types

The main charging standards are SAE Combo (CCS1 in the U.S. and CCS2 in Europe), CHAdeMO, GB/T in China and Tesla.More and more cars are equipped for DC fast charging these days, but be sure to take a quick look at your car's port before you try to plug in. 

How to use DC Fast Charging

how to use dc charger

1. Before plugging in, remember to turn off your vehicle

2. Open your vehicle's fast charge port, Plug in connector until firmly in place

selecting language

2. Selecting the language you prefer

select connector ev charger

3. Choose your charging option CHAdeMO or CCS

RFID swiping

4. Swipe RFID card or use the mobile app to start charge

5. To stop charging, swiping the RFID card again or use APP to stop charging

6. Press the button to release the connector

7. Return the connector to the dc fast charger

DC Fast Charging Tips

Follow the 80% Rule - Since car battery follows what's called a "charging curve" when charging. Charging starts slow while your car monitors several factors, climbs to peak speeds for as long as possible and slows down again around 80% to prolong battery life. So it's best to unplug when your battery reaches about 80% charge. That's when charging slows dramatically—it could take almost as long to fill the last 20% of charge as it did to get to 80% in the first place.  

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