AC Charging VS DC Charging

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When it comes to electric vehicle charging, two separate electrical currents can be used to fuel an EV. That is AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current). So do you know the difference between ac and dc charging for electric vehicles? Today Grasen Power will talk about AC charging VS DC charging in many aspects.

Basics About AC and DC

AC and DC

AC - alternating current is a kind of electrical current, or flow of charge, that periodically changes direction. Wind or 

hydropower turbines that use rotating generators can output AC. Virtually all of the world's electricity grids use AC power because AC can be efficiently transported over long distances.

DC - In direct current, the electrons move from an area of negative charge to an area of positive charge without changing direction. It can be generated by renewable power technologies such as solar panels.  

AC Converted to DC for EV Charging

The electric current coming from the public network or grid is an alternating current. However, a battery requires a direct current to charge, because the energy that is stored in batteries is always DC.

Therefore, the alternating current must be converted either in the vehicle through to its on-board charger(OBC), or directly inside the charging station.

AC Charging VS DC Charging, What is the difference between these 2 types?

ac charging vs dc charging

Where the conversion from AC to DC happens

The AC charger provides power to the on-board charger of the vehicle, then the OBC converts that AC power to DC in order to enter the battery. The acceptance rate of the on-board charger varies by brand but is limited for reasons of cost, space and weight. For example, if you plug a Peugeot e-208 into the T2 socket of a 22 kW AC charging station, it will perform its optimal recharge in 4h 17min. Because its 7-kW on-board charger has lower power than the one in the charging station, the charging speed will be capped.

When it comes to the DC charging station, the conversion from AC to DC happens within the charging station—allowing DC power to flow directly from the station and into the battery. Larger converters inside the DC charger can greatly shorten the conversion process time. So many vehicles are capable of getting an 80% charge in about or under an hour using most currently available DC fast chargers.

Does DC fast charging cost more than AC charging?

This question needs to be calculated based on the local situation. Since some charging stations charge by the minute, others by kWh. Balancing price and convenience come down to knowing what's best for your vehicle.

For instance, if your vehicle's maximum DC charging capability is 50 kW and you're occupying the ultra-fast charging station (250 kW), then you're going to be paying more whilst still receiving the same charge.

What type of charging should you choose?

Older vehicles had limitations on the charge power, such as 50kW, while newer vehicles are now coming out that can accept up to 270kW. So before selecting the charging method, you should learn about your vehicles charging ability. Below are suggesting applications for AC and DC charging.

AC charging for long parking - Home

DC charging for less than 2 hours of parking - Businesses

DC fast charging is essential for high mileage/long distance driving and large fleets. Grasen CE approved 60kw to 200kw dual/triple output ports ev charging stations are designed to charge 2-3 vehicles simultaneously allowing you to double your vehicle servicing.

Want to learn more about our AC and DC charging stations?

GRASEN speicalized in providing custom electric vehicle charging solutions for businesses around the world. For a complete list of tech specs and use cases, as well as more information, please contact us.

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