Tesla's Supercharger deployment completes 25,000 worldwide

2021-05-19 15:58:32  News

Tesla has announced that it has reached 25,000 Superchargers worldwide, having built the first Superchargers for the Model S in the US in 2012, growing to 25,000 in less than nine years. By the end of this year, Tesla is expected to have 30,000 superchargers worldwide.

Official figures show that by the end of 2020 Tesla had built more than 620 Superchargers in China and had constructed 5,000 Superchargers covering more than 290 cities. As of February this year, Tesla has built and opened more than 760 Supercharging stations and more than 700 destination charging stations in China, covering more than 300 cities, basically covering all major cities in China. This year, Tesla will build its charging network in China at an even faster pace.

The Shanghai Supercharger factory, which Tesla announced last year with an investment of 42 million yuan, was officially completed and put into operation in February 2021, with an initial planned annual capacity of up to 10,000, mainly V3 Supercharger piles, which are 10-15 times more efficient than home charging piles and can replenish a range of about 250 kilometres in 15 minutes. Previously, Tesla Superchargers were imported from the United States, while the production of charging piles in China will enable Tesla to speed up the construction of charging piles in China to meet the growing demand for user charging.

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