Hainan Province's first heavy-duty truck exchange station opens in 3 to 5 minutes for quick power change

2021-06-17 10:30:36  News

On May 27, a row of electric heavy-duty truck tractors were waiting to be changed in the Mutang Industrial Park in Danzhou, where the launch ceremony of the "Hainan Yangpu Ronghe Junchi Blue Island Power Exchange Station" was held. It is reported that this is also the first electric heavy-duty truck exchange station in Hainan.


The station covers an area of 10 mu and has 30 parking spaces, which can realize the rapid replacement of electric heavy truck batteries in 3 to 5 minutes, significantly improve the efficiency of power exchange, effectively solve the problem of electric vehicle mileage anxiety, guarantee the high frequency operation of heavy trucks and significantly save energy costs, and help promote new energy vehicles in the field of heavy trucks in the province.

It is reported that, at present, Ronghe Junchi's product change mode has been derived from different models of power change heavy trucks and supporting construction machinery products, matching the electric application needs of various scenarios such as power plants, ports, steel mills, mines, urban dumping and cement mixing in all aspects.

In the next few years, the company will focus on the layout of Hainan's power exchange infrastructure construction, is expected to 2025 plans overall investment of 200 million yuan, in the east, west, north and south of Hainan to gradually build 20 power exchange stations.

Hainan Blue Island Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd. chairman Kong Tong said, in the context of the construction of Hainan's free trade port, Hainan's construction of power exchange heavy truck system has very good project development prospects. In the future, it will promote logistics companies to purchase power exchange heavy trucks, provide transport services for related enterprises, and gradually radiate the whole island to help the development of green transportation in Hainan.

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