First alpine version of charging piles put into operation at Xinjiang Urumqi International Airport

2021-06-17 11:31:52  News

On May 28, five power supply employees wearing blue overalls were debugging the new alpine DC fast charging piles at the T1 terminal car park of Xinjiang Urumqi International Airport. On the same day, the first DC fast charging piles of the alpine version were put into operation at Urumqi International Airport. This is also the first batch of charging piles at the airport.


"This year, the airport plans to introduce 300 new energy taxis for relieving the pressure of passenger transport at the airport, which requires the construction of charging piles." Xu Xiancha, deputy director of the industrial development department of Xinjiang Airport (Group) Tian Yuan Green Industry Limited Liability Company, introduced. The company entrusted the construction to State Grid Xinjiang Integrated Energy Services Co. Ltd. to set up a special team to open a green channel to promote the efficient implementation of the project.

While traditional charging piles may fail to charge or take too long to charge in extremely cold environments, the alpine version of the charging piles can still ensure efficient and fast charging in extremely cold environments and is suitable for the cold winter climate of the Urumqi region.

The five new alpine version DC fast charging piles are one machine with two guns, which are open to new energy vehicles from the society in addition to charging the 300 new energy taxis that will be put into operation at Urumqi International Airport.

Before the construction of the project began, members of the special team visited the site several times to understand the airport environment, operating conditions and other related situations, to determine the location of the charging pile installation and to tailor the project implementation plan. At the same time, the company coordinated with many parties to procure construction materials such as transformers and canopies, etc. On April 18, construction workers formally entered the site to work.

Next, State Grid Xinjiang Integrated Energy Services Co., Ltd. will further cooperate with Xinjiang Airport (Group) Tian Yuan Green Industry Co. to take the first charging pile construction project at Urumqi International Airport as a demonstration point and lay out and build charging piles at 21 airports across the territory.

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