Feedback from Customer - GRASEN 120KW EV DC charging station

2022-10-19 11:59:55  News

This week we got product feedback with pictures and videos sent from our lovely customer in Europe. 

GRASEN customer case

In this project, our customer requires a custom design on the cabinet of the charging pile. The GRASEN Dual DC charger has robust metal casing and functional 8inch LED display.  

Its compact size and touchscreen make it perfect for public and fleet use. One charging pile is able to charge 2 vehicles simultaneously, which can allow ev charging station operators to double their vehicle servicing.

GRASEN DC Charger | 120kW | Dual Charger CCS2

Great for the office, commercial applications or roadside

Charging Speed – 120 kW (800km of driving per hour of charge)

Can charge 2x EV’s at once

Compatible with all-electric vehicles with DC Capabilities

120kw ev charging station

Our Customers

Very satisfied with the quality of the product and the suppliers service. The product was delivered in good package. Will definitely purchase from this supplier again.

-- Marcus Groll,A Charging Station Owner in UKRAINE

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