Electric vehicle charging solution provider Smart Charge Technology receives investment from Shell Capital

2022-05-14 16:23:49  News

(ID: pedaily2012), June 16, 2012 - Electric vehicle charging solutions provider Beijing SmartCharge Technology Co. "Shell Capital"). Smart Charge Technology aims to scale to meet the accelerating demand for charging services in a rapidly expanding market.

According to the International Energy Agency's (IEA) Global Electric Vehicle Outlook 2020 report, global electric vehicle ownership is expected to reach 245 million vehicles in 2030, more than 30 times the 2020 level and an average annual growth rate of 36%. If we take the IEA's recommended ratio of one charging post for every 10 electric vehicles, this figure will reach 24.5 million in 2030, compared to the estimated 2.1 million charging posts in 2020.

SmartCharge is an innovative EV charging solution provider with a comprehensive range of AC, DC and high-power charging products and industry-leading technologies, including vehicle-to-grid (V2G), load management and software-as-a-service (SaaS). WiseCharge not only manufactures and sells charging posts, but also provides customisable 'one-stop' charging services to enable a profitable business model and better prepare customers for the exciting era of electric vehicles. Since 2015, it has deployed more than 35,000 charging posts, compatible with more than 120 vehicle models, and is supplying more than 20 million kWh of electricity per month in Asia Pacific and Europe.

Hou Yifei, CEO of SmartCharge, said: "Global companies have reached an unprecedented level of unity in their vision of an exciting carbon-neutral future. By building industry-leading products and services, SmartCharge will work with all of our partners to advance this vision."

"We are impressed with the drive and performance of the SmartCharge team to deliver reliable 'turnkey' EV charging solutions to our customers," said Platinum Lee, Head of Ventures at Shell Capital, "We are working to We are working to create a connected electricity service and SmartCharge's business and ambitions are a great match for us. Our investment in SmartCharge Technology confirms our confidence in their potential and we are proud to partner with them as they continue to progress towards becoming a leading provider of charging solutions for local and international customers."

As the first manufacturer in China to develop the world's fastest public charging post, the 360 kW liquid-cooled High Power Charging Post (HPC), SmartCharge has demonstrated its undeniable R&D strength and rapid response capability in the electric vehicle sector, constantly meeting the ever-changing industry needs.

In addition to public charging, SmartCharge has developed a line of charging posts designed for electric buses, home and work scenarios, all equipped with Over-the-Air (OTA) download technology to finely manage the back-end. Combined with remote diagnostic and commissioning functions, the daily maintenance of charging stations is made efficient and smooth, and the work of charging station operators (CPOs) is greatly simplified.

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