Capital entering the ev charger industry, is it wild growth or escorting?

2021-06-17 08:47:36  News

Recently, a company in Shandong Province of the State Grid has been circulating online in the ev charger industry, angrily denouncing "1 cent charging", calling on car owners to boycott it and saying "there is no free lunch in the world". The "1 cent to charge a car" has become a big negative, reminiscent of the 1 cent to buy food in a community group buy. What is the truth?


Since this year, individual charging operators in the Shandong market have introduced savage capital to carry out low-cost promotions and malicious competition such as 1-cent charges and zero service fees, which has seriously disrupted the normal charging market order in Shandong and misled electric vehicle owners to charge, negatively impacting the development of new energy vehicles and charging facilities.

At present, domestic public charging stations are operated and managed by different units. Charging fees are generally composed of basic electricity and service fees, with basic electricity fees around 1 yuan and service fees varying according to the scope approved by local price bureaus, with most service fees being limited to 1 yuan, more often charging a service fee of 0.8 yuan per kWh, which means a total price of around 1.8 yuan-2.0 yuan. If the charging fee of RMB1.8-2.0/kWh is turned into 1 cent, then it is definitely a low price dump.

If the barbaric capital completely defeats the traditional enterprises' layout planning for the construction of charging piles, eventually these capitals will hold the right to speak about charging piles; won't the price of charging piles be as much as they say then? So it is necessary to avoid vicious competition, except that State Grid (Shandong) also seems to be somewhat sensitive. 1 cent charging and zero service charge are at best staged promotions, and although this can enhance the stickiness of users to the brand, as traditional enterprises can compete in the same way.

The charging pile market is a blue ocean, with just over 1.8 million piles currently in place; there will be tens to hundreds of millions of electric vehicles in the future, and the supporting piles will grow from millions to nine figures. With the rapid growth in sales of electric and hybrid vehicles, and with capital entering the market, there is bound to be fierce competition in the process. As long as the industry does not deviate from national targets, it is a good thing for the industry to have a relatively competitive landscape.

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