BYD delivers its 500th all-electric bus to the UK and will exceed 1,000 units within a year

2021-06-03 14:49:51  News

On May 20th, BYD and its UK bus manufacturer partner Alexander Dennis (ADL) announced the delivery of its 500th pure electric bus to Go Ahead, a Transport for London operator, and also announced that the cumulative sales of electric buses in the UK exceeded 1,000 units, with all orders to be delivered to major bus operators within the next year, taking BYD's UK market to a new level.


Back in 2015, BYD entered into a partnership with the UK's leading bus manufacturer, YADL, for the local market. With BYD providing the bus chassis, batteries and core drive technology, coupled with Alexander Dennis' strengths in bodywork and lightweighting, the partnership has brought revolutionary products to the UK and other overseas markets. Using public transport as an entry point, BYD is bringing its experience in electric buses to the UK, where emissions reduction has always been important, and by partnering with a local company that is more competitive in terms of technology and branding, a win-win situation is achieved.


In September 2016, 51 new 12m single-decker pure electric buses, the largest pure electric fleet in Europe at the time, were launched in London, jointly created by BYD and ADL. In less than five years, BYD and ADL have achieved the milestone delivery of the 500th unit, becoming a strong driver of bus electrification in the UK and across Europe. As a long-term partner of BYD and ADL, Go Ahead has always worked closely with both parties. From the first unit in 2016, to the 500th, Go Ahead has always been along for the ride, which has made it the largest electric bus operator in the UK. More than half of BYD's 500 all-electric buses delivered in the UK are now operated by Go Ahead.

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