Audi to build lounge-style electric vehicle charging network

2021-05-29 15:20:28  News

Audi recently unveiled the company's vision for a high-end, efficient charging network, a move aimed at effectively improving the level of electric vehicle infrastructure in residential areas.

Starting later this year, Audi will install six high-powered charging stations in Germany, which will serve as a feasibility test for subsequent mass production or series rollout. The exact location of these six stations has not yet been determined and Audi is currently negotiating with possible partners. 

Audi owners can reserve the above-mentioned High Power Charging Stations (HPC) in advance. The HPCs can provide a charging output of up to 300kW and are capable of charging an Audi E-tron's battery from empty to 80% in less than 23 minutes. 


In addition to the high power charging facilities, the charging stations will also include a lounge for drivers to use while waiting for their cars to charge and a restaurant.

For ease of installation, among other factors, the entire charging station has been designed as a series of box structures, allowing for quick transport and installation at various locations. According to Audi, the power from these charging stations will be stored in the lithium-ion batteries of the old electric cars. In addition, these batteries are capable of storing direct current, which means that these charging stations do not require the installation of complex high-voltage lines and expensive voltage transformers. Audi will also install solar panels on the roofs of the charging stations to make the most of green energy.

Oliver Hoffman, member of the Audi Technology Development Board, said, "The new charging centres reflect our aspirations for the electric age and underline Audi's commitment to 'orsprung durch Technik' (breakthrough technology for the future). Flexible, high-performance HPC charging stations like this one do not rely much on the local grid and embody the concept of sustainable batteries."


Starting with the practical needs of its customers, Audi is seeking the best technical solution in a very realistic way. High-performance charging stations with lounges are Audi's latest project around electrification. Last summer, the German company began developing a two-way charging system to charge the high-voltage batteries of electric vehicles via the home power network, which can be used as a decentralised storage medium for the home grid alongside the vehicle's energy unit. 

Electric vehicles are increasingly becoming an integral part of the mobility sector and a contributing factor to the energy transition. Improved and efficient use of mobile energy storage units will help to unlock the unlimited potential of both.

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