Why electric vehicle charging piles should be concerned about isolation protection?

2023-03-30 09:54:51  FAQ

With the growth of new energy vehicles, electric vehicle charging piles are also being put into use. With the promulgation of the new standard, it involves charging standards, interface standards and communication protocols and other related levels. For the stop within the electric vehicle charging interface and communication protocols have a unified standard. At the same time, in order to achieve the safety and compatibility of new energy electric vehicle charging, the safety isolation protection of electric vehicle charging piles, charging temperature control, mechanical and electronic locking linkage, overload and short circuit protection and other related safety measures have been added, and the charging control guidance and timing, fault classification information, redundancy protection and other related contents have been improved to enhance the adaptability and operability of the standard.


EV charging piles are often placed outdoors and powered by the grid, and will inevitably encounter lightning strikes, surges and other related voltage anomalies. If the control circuit inside the EV charging post is not isolated, it can cause the internal circuit to burn out, resulting in dangerous events such as short-circuiting of the EV charging post or death by electric shock.

The internal architecture of the electric vehicle AC/DC electric vehicle charging pile is mainly the control management unit, which mainly includes the main control unit, voltage control unit, current control unit, display control unit as well as the battery control unit and printing control unit. Therefore, the safety standard of the EV charging pile is to protect the internal card reader, the detector screen, the meter and the billing control unit against lightning surges. Therefore, it is also necessary to do a good job in the billing control unit, card reader, meter connection correlation isolation protection.

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