Why choose Grasen as ev dc charger manufacturer?

2021-04-23 17:18:33  FAQ

Why choose Grasen as ev dc charger manufacturer?

First, the production technology

Because the charging pile module is an electronic technology product, the production technology level of the manufacturer is the object of consideration. Because the technical level of the charging pile module manufacturer will directly affect the quality and performance of the charging pile module produced. Only professional ev fast charger manufacturers with a high level of production technology are more likely to plan the production process in the process of producing the charging pile module, and are also able to produce the charging pile module in accordance with the highest standards of production. Therefore, the products produced by such manufacturers can also become the best-selling charging pile modules.

Second, the after-sales service

Grasen have basic 2 years warranty.

Grasen provide professional technical support and training documents for you.

Under normal conditions, we have regular remote support to check whether the charger works well.

If it needs site support, we can also provide when more and more chargers are deployed.

Third,the price

The high reliability and stability are key factors for ev dc fast charger.

Therefore, when choosing a manufacturer of charging pile,we must pay more attention to the overall performance of the company and the price is the last but not least.


When selecting a charging pile module manufacturer, consider the production technology of the manufacturer. A high level of production technology can ensure standardization in the production process. Considering the after-sales service of the manufacturer, the purchased charging pile module has a good guarantee. Consider the price of the product, so that you can buy a reliable and effective charging pile module at the most affordable price.

Luoyang Grasen Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, sales and services of new-energy electric vehicle charging equipments.  Grasen provides a complete solution that includes EV fast DC /AC charging stations, cloud-based software with features and plans for every industry and world-class service and maintenance.

If you want to know more details about our company and EV chargers, please feel free to contact us via email sales@grasen.com to make a great progress of your business.

Our Customers

Very satisfied with the quality of the product and the suppliers service. The product was delivered in good package. Will definitely purchase from this supplier again.

-- Marcus Groll,A Charging Station Owner in UKRAINE

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