What is EV Smart Charging?

2022-07-27 15:37:17  FAQ

EV smart charging, also called intelligent charging, means the whole charging process could be under monitoring, management, and adjustment based on users' requirements. For example, EV smart charging can manage when and how your electric vehicle will receive power based on the cost of electricity, its availability, and the needs of the driver.

It can optimize the charging infrastructure by efficiently delivering available power to EVs, and shifting charging loads across energy sources to safely deliver electricity without interfering with the power needs of buildings, homes, or other power consumers. 

How to Realize EV Smart Charging?

Smart electric vehicle charging is implemented by software. And it requires a data connection between the EV, the charger, the charge point operator's cloud-based charging management platform, and the grid.  

This centralized, cloud-based software platform manages the ev chargers, the charging session, and the energy sources used.

ev charger platform

Advantages of GRASEN EV Smart Charging and Management Platform

GRASEN cloud-based ev charging management platform consists of four major modules: operations management, billing management, energy management, and EV driver self-service tools.

Operations management - Reduce total cost of ownership with real-time monitoring and remote support. Provide customer management and analytics function.

Billing management - Complete and flexible billing strategy.

Energy management - Dynamically allocate available power to charging stations with limited power to ensure safe equipment operation. 

Driver terminal - User-friendly and intelligent web portal and mobile application. Provide functions such as multi-vehicle management, locating charging stations, reserve-ahead, etc.

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