What if the charging connector can not be pulled out from charging pile?

2021-05-11 17:42:48  FAQ

1.Press the "Emergency stop" button

As the charging gun interface has a locking function to avoid disconnection when charging, there is a possibility of locking up. Try to find an emergency unlocking device, as there are various types of charging guns, the position of the unlocking port may not be the same, set aside a screwdriver in the car, it can be useful at this time, insert the screwdriver into the unlocking port position, poke the direction of the gun head to unlock.

2.Start charging again

Click to start charging again, after 20 seconds, the charging will end and the locking mechanism will probably be unlocked. In addition, some users reflected that the charging gun will automatically unlock after unlocking the door, but this method is not available for all models.

3.Call the customer service number

Generally, there is a customer service phone number on the charging pile, you can call the phone to consult, inform the charging pile code, customer service background unlock.

Try the above methods, the charging gun still can not pull down, then only the possibility of hardware damage, this can only call to report the repair, waiting for the engineering personnel on-site processing.

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