What are the common faults for charging piles?

2021-05-29 11:00:12  FAQ

Nowadays, cars have become a necessity in people's lives, and now the number of cars in China is also very large, so naturally, some knowledge about cars has become a big hit, so today I will give you an introduction to what are the common faults of charging piles so that you can better understand some knowledge about cars.

The common faults of the charging pile are: 1, it cannot be charged after starting; 2, the charging battery may not be inserted into the electric car; 3, the time may not be established; 4, the charging key cannot be pressed. Generally speaking, AC belongs to slow charging and DC belongs to fast charging. 

AC charging posts provide AC power to the on-board charger on the EV, which charges the battery;

DC chargers charge the battery directly, without going through the on-board charger. On-board chargers are generally less powerful, so they are suitable for slow charging. The equipment itself is certified by the state safety, with various protection measures such as over-voltage, over-current, leakage, lightning protection, rain protection, dust protection, etc., and is free from safety hazards. Once there is a fault, in addition to the charging post self-test diagnosis and power off, maintenance personnel will deal with the corresponding problems in a timely manner, so the safety of the use process can be guaranteed.

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