Is it better to have a floor-mounted or a wall-mounted ev charger?

2021-04-30 15:34:53  FAQ

The type of ev charging station used varies from one charging scenario to another. As to which type of ev charging station is better, you have to make the right choice according to your actual situation.

  Wall-mounted ev charging stations: the advantages are obvious, that is, they can save installation space and are cheap; there are limitations to the installation location, they must be installed and wired on the wall, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor walls and other fixed buildings in the garage, such as: underground garages, etc.

  Floor-mounted ev charging stations: It is more suitable for outdoor charging and can be used in any weather to meet the requirements of charging in various environments; however, it occupies a relatively large space and the price is relatively high; it is suitable for residential areas, large commercial buildings, roadside car parks, public car parks and other ground car sites.

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