How to Choose A Commercial EV Charging Station's Location?

2022-09-16 14:21:38  FAQ

The location of EV charging stations can have a profound effect on their frequency of use and overall user satisfaction, so how to choose a commercial EV charging station's location? Grasen suggests you consider the following points below.

What is your target market?

For EV charger organizations, pinpointing the most strategic spots and neighborhoods across any city, region or country is critical.

Before selecting the location, you must first determine your target customer group: Who will use these EV charging stations, and where do they typically go during the day?

Once that's determined, you then need to assess a territory to uncover:

- Which areas are the most popular and at what peak times?

- Which places record the most satisfied customers, or conversely, the most customer complaints? 

EV charging stations have been most used at workplaces, higher education, medical campuses, larger retail centers (malls), and multi-use lots. You may need to do some research to deeply understand the dynamics of a territory, so you can identify the areas with the most potential.

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It's the first thing you shall consider when choosing a location for an EV charging station. The spot with heavy foot traffic will have higher usage, which means more charging fees, too. 

Besides, they should be highly visible to make sure EV drivers can easily find these stations. For example, if you share a parking lot with other businesses, it’s a good idea to position your charging stations in areas that are close to your business's entrance(s). 


Of course, the costs of installation and maintenance also play an important part in choosing the EV charging station's location. For example, if your EV stations are in close proximity to existing electrical services, the energy costs for you will be less. Therefore your pricing policy for drivers will be more attractive. Efficient pricing policies combined with low installation costs can allow you to serve more motorists (and potentially install more stations). 

Below are a few questions that could help during your selection:

1. Is the average parking event more than two hours? Does the proposed site location have excess parking spaces available? If the answer is "yes", then an AC Level 2 EV charging station is suitable, otherwise, DCFC is likely needed.

2. Is sufficient power available(120V-20A for AC Level 1, 240V-40A for AC level 2, 480V-80A for DCFC)? If the answer is "no", then there will likely result in more cost in installation.

Grasen Power offers a turnkey EV charging solution to commercial properties. Contact us now for a FREE consultation! 

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