How can I use my electric car to save the most electricity?

2021-06-04 11:43:09  FAQ

How can I use my electric car to save the most electricity?

There are several situations:

1. use the air conditioning reasonably, and do not open the windows to save electricity, you should know that the wind resistance in driving with the windows open is much greater than when you close them, please refer to the above for how the wind resistance will be.

2. avoid rapid acceleration and deceleration, energy consumption is greatest during rapid acceleration, which usually draws around 100A-300A. The loss of energy is far more friendly when you step lightly on the accelerator than when you step deeply on it.

3. learn to use energy recovery, e.g. on downhill sections, at traffic lights, where it is advisable to let off the throttle early, when the generator is charging the battery.

On city roads, try to keep your speed around 50-60km/h; on highway roads, try to keep your speed around 90-100km/h.

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