6.6kW Water Cooled Bidirectional On Board Charger
  • 6.6kW Water Cooled Bidirectional On Board Charger

6.6kW Water Cooled Bidirectional On Board Charger

6.6kW Bidirectional on board charger has high power factor and low harmonic car charger and mainly used for hybrid cars, EV, electric bus, electric cargo van and charging for on board battery such as LFP, LMO, Lead acid;
Output Power:6.6kW;
Input voltage:single phase 85~265VAC;
Output voltage range:200~450VDC;
IP grade:IP67;
Working temperature:-40℃~+85℃;
Humidity: 5~95%;
Cooling method:Water cooling;
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What is On Board Charger? 

On-board chargers are chargers that are fixed on electric vehicles, and their main function is to fully charge the power battery of electric vehicles safely, quickly and easily. 

As a power electronic system, the vehicle on board charger is mainly composed of a power circuit and a control circuit. The power circuit is composed of AC rectifier, transformer and power tube, and the DC/DC converter is an important part of it. The control circuit implements serial communication with power management and controls the power driver circuit to output certain voltage and current according to the demand.

6.6kW OBC Features:

This 6.6kW on board charger has input voltage single 85~265VAC, high voltage output range is 200~450VDC, it supports constant current charging, constant voltage charging and constant power charging modes through system water cooling.

6.6kW On Board Charger Application:

New Energy Vehicles

Industrial Control Products

Energy Storage Power Plant

IDC Data Center

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Grid voltage range85~265V  Input DC voltage range250~450V
Maximum input current 32A Output voltage range220VAC/50Hz
Battery voltage range200~450V
Maximum input current20A
 Output power6.6kWOutput power6.6kW
Forward maximum efficiency95%Highest reverse efficiency95%
IP classIP67
Working temperature-40℃~ +85℃
Cooling method Water cooling
CommunicationCAN communication
Protection function Short circuit /over voltage protection/under voltage/over temperature protection

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