60kW~200kW Two Plugs GBT EV DC Fast Charging Station
  • 60kW~200kW Two Plugs GBT EV DC Fast Charging Station
  • 60kW~200kW Two Plugs GBT EV DC Fast Charging Station

60kW~200kW Two Plugs GBT EV DC Fast Charging Station

60kW to 200kW dc fast charger with GBT standards provide customer fast charging speed experience and let customer enjoy charge and go excperience.
Output power - 60kW, 80kW, 120kW, 150kW, 160kW, 200kW;
* Connector -GBT plug;
* Networking way: 4G, Ethernet;
* OCPP 1.6J supported;
* Test report;
* Suitable for public parking lot, bus station, gas station, freeway service area;
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Electric Vehicles DC Fast Charging Station Introduction:

It consists of charging modules with active power factor auto-correction function in parallel, with functions of human-machine interaction, card swiping, billing, settlement, remote communication and control, etc., with safe protection measures. It is a kind of equipment that can directly charge pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles intelligently. Due to its small size, it can be widely built in bus yard stations, large parking lots, etc.

GBT DC Fast Charging station Features:

(1) New and old national standards compatible design, can automatically configure charging voltage according to the needs of different models to meet the charging needs of different models.

(2) Integrating Ethernet and 4G communication methods, the cloud platform service system realizes user charging, user settlement, report statistics, equipment maintenance, remote monitoring and management, etc. Managers can conveniently count charging station operations.

(3) Through APP, WeChat and Alipay, it can realize functions such as positioning, navigation, charging reservation, code charging, and real-life query, and support payment methods such as WeChat and Alipay.

(4) Diversified charging methods, automatic, reservation, ration, fixed amount and SOC charging are available. Powerful split power and constant power function, shorten charging time by 20%.

(5) Perfect electrical safety design with regular and real-time monitoring safety protection, pre-diagnosis of equipment abnormality, alarm feedback, BMS independent safety protection, etc.

(6) IP55 protection level, moisture-proof, mold-proof, water-proof, dust-proof and flame retardant. With over-temperature, overload, short-circuit, leakage, battery anti-reverse connection and other protection functions.

(7) Humanized design, convenient for customers to swipe the card, take the gun charging, emergency stop and other operations. The charging gun head is equipped with electronic lock to prevent the gun head from being pulled out randomly in the charging state to ensure personal safety.

EV DC Charger Station Advantages:

The product integrates power conversion, charging control, human-computer interaction control, communication, and billing measurement, and has good dustproof and waterproof functions. The protection level reaches IP54, which can be safely operated and maintained outdoors.

The power conversion unit of the charging pile follows the principle of modular design and can be flexibly configured to output power from 60kW to 200kW to meet the charging needs of electric vehicles with different capacities.

The model series covers single-gun output, dual-gun round and uniform charging, and power distribution output. It is a reliable choice for outdoor fast DC charging.

Why Choose Grasen GBT Standard DC Charging Station?

(1) Over 11 years experience;

(2) Almost 1000 sets ev charging stations all over the world and exported to over 20 countries;

(3) Covering 40,000 square meters and 4 assembly, annual production alibilty reach to 150000 sets;

(4) Strong R&D team to support customization requirement;

(5) Famous customers including Yutong, BYD, CATL, State Grid and so on;

(6) We passed ISO14001:2015, ISO9001:2015, ISO45001:2018, IATF16949 and we have CE certificate issued by TUV.

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Product Brief IntroductionTypeDC EV Charging Pile with two GB/T plugs
Model GSCS750100A-T05GSCS750133A-T05GSCS750200A-T05GSCS750250A-T05GSCS750267A-T05
Power 60kW80kW120kW150kW160kW
Electrical Index Input voltage 3-phase 380V±15%[xss_clean_space]AC
Working frequency 45~65Hz
Output voltage200~750V DC
Output current 5~150A5~200A5~300A5~375A5~400A
Power factor 0.99
Efficiency ≥95%
Function Design Communication interface4G, Ethernet,WIFI
Screen size 8”
Charging mode Two guns average charging / Two guns round charging 
Appearance and structure Charging cable length 5m / 7.5m / 10m
Mounting type Floor-mounted type
Dimension 700*490*1646mm (W*D*H)
Weight 240kg241kg267kg287kg303kg
Environment TemperatureIP gradeIP55
Cooling method Air forced cooling 
Working temperature -30℃~+55℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+70℃
Safety Design Protection functionOver voltage over current
Certificate No.JW172038/JW172038/JW161082
Reference Standard GB/T 18487.1-2015;GB/T20234-2015;NB/T33002;NB/T33008
User Interface & ControlSupport LanguageEnglish, Spanish, or other languages required
Push ButtonsEmergency stop
User AuthenticationRFID card reader, user name & password, mobile No. & pin code

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