30kW EV Wallbox Charger
  • 30kW EV Wallbox Charger
  • 30kW EV Wallbox Charger

30kW EV Wallbox Charger

- Max. output power: 30kW
- SAE Combo | CHAdeMO |GBT optional charging connector
- Output voltage range: 150~1000V
- Network connectivity (OCPP)
- Wall-mounted or pole-mounted
- IP54 for outdoor use
- Warranty 2 Years
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30kW DC Fast Charging Station

CE Approved | Max 100A 1000V | Smart Charging | WIFI, Ethernet, 4G

Grasen newly launched a lightweight EV charging station which could be floor mounted or wall mounted. It's a 30kW EV wallbox charger designed for speed and flexibility.

With the perfect balance of size and power, it's ideal for commercial, workplace, fleet, and public charging. It takes small footprint, and has a compact structure, which can reduce the complexity and cost of installation.

grasen 30kw ev charger


Boost EV Battery to 80% within 1 Hour

With 30kW output power, this DC fast charger can charge a typical passenger vehicle from 20%-80% in about an hour, which is 4 times faster than Level 2 AC chargers.

Flexible Charging Mode

Plug & Charge

With plug and charge, simply connect your vehicle to Grasen's 30kW EV charger, and your charging cycle will begin. You do not need to deal with the complexity of connecting with a charging network.


RFID control allows the user to easily start and stop their charging cycle with the simple swipe of a card.

Smartphone APP

With Grasen's EV App, you can locate charging stations, schedule a charging plan, choose and customize charging rates, prioritize off-peak charging to maximize savings (including via a solar charging mode) and create charging records. 

Smart Charging

Grasen DC charging stations can realize dynamic load management. It can optimize the charging infrastructure by efficiently delivering available power to EVs, and shifting charging loads across energy sources to safely deliver electricity without interfering with the power needs of buildings, homes, or other power consumers.

load balance

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ItemModelCE Approved DC 30kW Single Port
AC InputInput Voltage3-phase 400V ±15%[xss_clean_space]AC
Input Voltage TypeTN-S
Working Frequency45~65Hz
Power Factor≥0.99
DC OutputRated VoltageCHAdeMO 500Vdc; CCS 1000Vdc
Max Output Current5~100A
Max Output PowerDC 30kW
User Interface & ControlDisplay8'' LCD Touch Screen
Emergency Stop ButtonYes
PaymentMobile APP/RFID/POS
CommunicationNetwork Connection4G(GSM or CDMA)/Ethernet
Communication ProtocolsOCPP1.6J (OCPP2.0 upgradable)
Working EnvironmentWorking Temperature-30℃~+55℃
Storage Temperature-35℃~+55℃
Operating Humidity≤95% non-condensing
Acoustic Noise<60dB
Cooling MethodForced Air-cooling
MechanicalCabinet Dimension(W x D x H)690 x 357 x 800mm (±20mm)
Weight 97kg
Cable Length5m or 7m
Charging InterfaceDIN70121/ISO15118

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-- Marcus Groll,A Charging Station Owner in UKRAINE

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