150kW TUV CE certificated DC EV Charging station
  • 150kW TUV CE certificated DC EV Charging station
  • 150kW TUV CE certificated DC EV Charging station

150kW TUV CE certificated DC EV Charging station

Grasen DC fast charging station is high quality with 95% efficiency and designed to offer Level 3 Mode 4 fast charging to Electric Vehicles.With OCPP integrated, the charger can be easily connected to our cloud charging management system for easy operation, online payment, monitoring, and maintenance.The charging port standard can be CCS/CHAdeMO/GBT.It supports alternate charging and simultaneous charging.
* Output power - 150KW;
* Connector - CCS2 (Chademo/CCS1/GBT optional);
* Networking way: 4G, Ethernet,WIFI, Bluetooth;
* OCPP 1.6J supported;
* TUV CE certification;
* Standard - EU, Japan, China, and other places upon request;
* Suitable for public parking lot, bus station, gas station, freeway service area;
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What is a DC EV Charging station? 

DC charging pile is a specialized DC device that connects electric vehicles directly to the AC/DC grid (power supply) side and is installed with a control guide to ensure reliable connection between the charging post and the electric vehicle and charging safety, etc. It also integrates functional modules including HMI interaction system, charging management system such as OCPP, local and remote communication interfaces to facilitate the use and management of this specialized equipment.

The DC charging pile provides DC power to the EV battery pack, and under the management of the on-board BMS system, the energy recharge of the EV is finally realized.

Features of DC EV Charging station:

DC EV Charging station will replace AC charger in the future and becomes best choice for most electric vehicles charging.

While AC charger provides home and slow charging, which adopts usually 220V single phase AC input, DC charger usually require inputs of 480+ volts and 100+ amps (50-60 kW). It can produce a full charge for an EV with a 100-mile range battery in slightly more than 30 minutes (178 miles of electric drive per hour of charging). Now DC charger produced by Grasen reach to 150kW to 300kW.

How does DC EV Charging station Work? 

DC EV Charging station works following 4 steps: 

1) Low voltage auxiliary power up and hand shaking phase:

First, insert the charging plug to vehcile and make sure well connected;

Low voltage auxiliary power up, it start to supply power to BMS;

Insulation monitor detection/IMD(charger high voltage output against earth)

BMS send message, including information such as battery type, battery power, voltage, manufacturer, charging time, charger identification code;

2) Charging parameter starts to configure:

BMS send single battery information(maximum charging voltage and current allowed)

Battery norminal power

Maximum charging voltage allowed

Maximum temperature allowed

Battery group state of charge

Battery current voltage

Charger sending maximum output power(maximum output voltage, minimum output current, maximum output current)

Charging Phase:

BMS send battery charging request timely(voltage, current, charging mode: constant voltage or constant current);

Charger adjust voltage and current according to request;

BMS set charging completion conditions;

When BMS request voltage and current is 0, charger output as per the minimum output capability;

BMS send battery condition during charging process, making charger identify battery charging voltage and current during charging process,charging voltage measurement value(V), charging current measurement value(A),maximum single battery voltage, current SOC(%) and estimated charging time left(min);

3) Charging Completion Phase:

BMS send charging statistics, such as SOC, battery voltage, battery temperature;

Charger send output power, charging time, charger serial number;

Stop auxiliary low voltage power output;

4) End charging process;

Charging follows curve,charging starts slow while your car monitors several factors (from your battery’s charge level to the weather outside), climbs to peak speeds for as long as possible and slows down again around 80% to prolong battery life. 

How quick is 150kW DC EV Charging station?

150kW DC EV Charging station can realize intelligent charging and can charge to 80% within 30 minutes and charge fully within 1 hour. Usually it equips with two charging plugs and when charging at the same time, it will share equal charging power 75kW. When battery has higher power, it will affects charging speed.

Application of 150kW DC EV Charging station:

Shopping malls, hypermarkets, retail, markets, restaurants;

High mobility parking lot;

Convenient gas station;

Highway service area;

Tourist attraction;

Public streets;

Locations which requires rapid charging;

4S retails shops;

Commuter buses or vehicles for passengers;

Mining projects for heavy electric vehicles;

Heavy trucks;

Medium and large van;

Express delivery;

Government projects;

150kW DC EV Charging station Price:

150kW DC EV Charging station by Grasen has a competitive price with high quality. It is most cost efficient product with famous brands inner parts and perfect design. The price is greatly affected by raw material, labour cost, seasonal purchase period and currency factors.

150kW DC EV Charging station Supplier:

Grasen 150kW DC EV Charging station has perfect system design function,adopting unique air duct design and modular design;

High-end quality brand product image;

Advanced design and comprehensive safety protection;

Super compatibility and environmental adaptability;

Ultra low failure rate and long service life;

Full chain, sophisticated manufacturing process to create cost-effective products

All-weather intelligent connection, comprehensive protection, more stable, faster, more secure;

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Product Brief IntroductionTypeDC Charging Pile with two CCS2 plugs
Description150kW DC Pile
Model GSCS750250A-T08
Power 150kW 
Electrical Index Input Rating3-phase 400V±15%[xss_clean_space]AC
Working frequency 45~65Hz
Output voltage200~750V DC
Output current 5-375A
Power factor 0.99
Efficiency ≥95%
Function Design Communication interface4G, Ethernet
Screen size 8”
Appearance and structure Charging cable length 5m
Mounting type Floor-mounted type
Dimension 702mm*1007mm*1815mm
Weight Approx. 450KG
Environment TemperatureIP classIP55
Cooling method Air cooling
Working temperature-30℃~+55℃
Storage temperature-40℃~+70℃
Safety Design Altitude Up to 6000 feet (≤2000 m) 
Protection functionOver voltage over current
CertificateCertificate No.50347817 001_Certificate/AN504631360001
Reference Standard DIN70121/ISO15118/IEC61851/SAEJ1772
CertificateCE certified by TUV
User Interface & ControlSupport LanguageEnglish, Spanish, or other languages required
Push ButtonsEmergency stop
User AuthenticationRFID card reader, user name & password, mobile No. & pin code

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